Southern Gospel Tidbits

Vestal BookDID YOU KNOW?:  Howard and Vestal Goodman spent time at the PTL network during a good chunk of the 1980’s.  In chapter 23 of Vestal’s autobiography she relayed a story of what happened after the Jim Bakker scandal broke.  Jerry Falwell took control of PTL and told everyone associated with Jim and Tammy Bakker to leave.  It finally got to the point that Jerry Falwell had called the police to arrest Vestal if she tried to get in to the TV studio.  The chapter goes on to tell of a harrowing tale of Howard and Vestal (Vestal driving) escaping the press to get Jim and Tammy’s kids to the couple’s Gatlinburg home.  A scene worthy of a full movie production.


One thought on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. I fell in love with the music of the Happy Goodmans and Vestal at the same time I fell in love with the music of Dottie Rambo, about 1966. I saw them together at the world’s largest Masonic Temple in Detroit where Lloyd Orrell sponsored his “all night singings.” Typically they ended about 2 AM Saturday night with church the following morning. I’ll have to get Vestal’s book, but I’m not surprised about Jerry Falwell’s actions. In those days, there was more division between the Charismatics and the non-Charismatics. Bill Gaither made the statement in honoring Andrae Crouch, that Andrae perhaps did more than anyone else to bring the Charismatics and non-Charismatics together. Dottie and Vestal played a role there also. But I believe Jerry Falwell mellowed a bit before the Lord called him home.

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