In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1980’s

This is week three in our nominating process to search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song.  We started with nominating the songs introduced in the 1960’s and last week the 1970’s.  This week I will ask my readers to take a look at the songs introduced to Southern Gospel listener’s in the 1980’s

Here are the rules.

  1. Every reader of this blog can participate
  2. During the nomination process, list as many songs you feel should be considered for the decade in question.
  3. Be sure the song chosen for consideration was introduced to Southern Gospel listeners for the decade in question.
  4. List all nominees for consideration in the comments section.
  5. During the older decades (60’s/70’s), it doesn’t matter the artist of the song, just the song itself.

I will start the process with a few songs for consideration for the decade of the 1980’s.

  • “God On The Mountain”
  • “He’s Still Workin’ On Me”
  • “Miracle In Me”
  • “Step Into The Water”
  • “When He Was On The Cross”

6 thoughts on “In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1980’s

  1. The 80’s was probably my favorite decade in Southern Gospel! In addition to those already named let me add:

    We Shall See Jesus
    In My Robe of White
    When I Get Carried Away
    Cannanland Is Just In Sight
    Beulah Land
    Then Came the Morning
    Sinner Saved By Grace
    Boundless Love
    Calvary’s Hill
    Under Control
    I’m Going Home With Jesus
    Beautiful Home
    Child, Child
    Saints Will Rise
    Old Time Feeling
    Two Winning Hands
    Call Me Gone
    There’s Power In Prayer
    Mercy Built a Bridge
    Saved By Grace
    I Forgive You
    Antioch Church Choir
    Whiter Than Snow
    Welcome to Heaven
    Master of the Wind
    He Came Down to My Level
    Passin the Faith Along

  2. Jesus Fan
    Two Winning Hands
    He Is Here
    I Remember The Day
    O For A Thousand Tongues
    I’ve Got A Right
    Called Out
    I Can See The Hand

  3. We Shall Behold Him definitely belongs on that list, voted #1 song of the year by Gospel Music Association in1982.

  4. Bring My Children Home
    I’ll Talk To The Father
    Alleluia To The Lamb
    Triumphantly The Church Will Rise
    No Other Word For Grace But Amazing
    Hallelujah Praise The Lamb
    Center Of My Joy
    Love Went Deeper
    Famine In Their Land
    Thinking About Home
    Walk Right Out Of This Valley
    I Lean On You Lord
    Saved To The Uttermost
    God Will Make This Trial A Blessing
    Resting Place
    Wedding Day
    We Shall Wear A Robe & Crown

  5. Here Comes the Bride by the Sound with Pat Hoffmaster, Rick Strickland, Jim Farmer, Saun Reilly. Should be included in the greatest songs of the 80s ? If you disagree? Why?

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