Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  Considering we just came out of another Christmas season, I thought I would present this little tidbit from an article Time Magazine ran on December 2, 2014.  Time collected data on every Christmas song recorded on a Christmas album since 1978 to determine the most recorded.  If you click the article link there is a nice interactive chart showing each song and how many times they were recorded.  “Silent Night”, by far, is the leader among all Christmas songs recorded but I wanted to address a couple Christmas songs that have Southern Gospel roots.

The first is the Mark Lowry/Buddy Greene collab, “Mary Did You Know” which has 27 recordings since 1978 and another; “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem” has 21.  To think, 100 years from now when “Mary Did You Know” is considered a classic Christmas hymn (along with “Silent Night” and “O Holy Night”); people will see the name Mark Lowry as a classic hymn writer.

**Hat tip to Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row reader Jeremy for providing me this story for use in this post.  As a reader, if there is some piece of Southern Gospel history/story that you think would be great to use in a future Southern Gospel Tidbits post, email me at


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