Southern Gospel Song List – “Welcome Home”

dixieechoes1966echoing150I happened to have my music playlist on shuffle the other day and the coincidence of two songs with the same title happened to play back to back.  It made me think of all the songs in Southern Gospel music that have the same title, but are totally different songs.

kingsmen1967singout150Thus, this new feature is born; the Southern Gospel song list.  The first song I want to feature is the song that happened to be the one that played back to back; “Welcome Home”.  I have at least a dozen songs with the title “Welcome Home” in my music library.  Of those, I will feature song snippets of all the “Welcome Home” songs that are different.

It all starts in 1966 with the Dixie Echoes and the song “Welcome Home” recorded on the album, Echoing.  They would re-record it on their 1976 album, Get On Board.  The Florida Boys also recorded this particular song on their 1968 album, Make Happy Tracks.  The Happy Goodmans would also add their touch to this song on their 1968 Grammy award-winning album, The Happy Gospel Of.

paynes1982readyornot150The Speer Family, in 1966, on the album A Singing Heritage recorded the up-tempo “Welcome Home” most Southern Gospel listeners are familiar.  The song was also recorded in 1967 by the Kingsmen on the album Sing Out.  The Dixie Echoes would also record this version in 1967 (Coming On Strong) and 2006 (Sounds Of Sunday).

bishops1988liveatfayetteville150We move to 1982 to the next “Welcome Home” song.  This one by the Paynes on their 1982 album, Ready Or Not.

The Bishops were next to record a song with the title “Welcome Home”.  Their’s came with the 1988 album, Live At Fayetteville Community Church.

downeastboys1989milesofsmiles150The Down East Boys recorded another up-tempo “Welcome Home” on their 1989 album, Miles Of Smiles.  The Hayes Family also recorded this version on their 1992 album, All We Have Is Jesus.

cjrevivers1990untilthen150Charles Johnson and the Revivers recorded a song (written by Johnson) titled “Welcome Home” on their 1990 recording, Until Then.

dixiemelodyboys1996oldtimereligion150The Dixie Melody Boys were next with “Welcome Home” from their 1996 recording, Old Time Religion.

mountainfaith2011savemeFinally, the most recent version of “Welcome Home” comes from bluegrass Gospel artist, Mountain Faith and their 2011 recording; Save Me.

Was there any other “Welcome Home” songs that I missed?




4 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Song List – “Welcome Home”

  1. Keepers of the Faith and Lewis Tradition recorded the same song titled “Welcome Home” which welcomes a soldier home.

    Taranda Greene’s “A Thing Called Love” album has a song on it by that title.

    Finally, one of my top ten albums for 2014 has a song named “Welcome Home” as the title song. Of course, that would be Joseph Habedank’s solo album.

  2. The only other one i know of is welcome home written by billy fields. Its hard to find a clip of him singing it but the jackson family did it as well as he did.

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