In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1960’s

In 2014, when I was writing for Musicscribe, I started a series titled; in search of Southern Gospel’s greatest album.  I figured why not use 2015 and search for Southern Gospel’s greatest song.

Today will begin the nominating process.  Here are the rules.

  1. Every reader of this blog can participate
  2. During the nomination process, list as many songs you feel should be considered for the decade in question.
  3. Be sure the song chosen for consideration was introduced to Southern Gospel listeners for the decade in question.
  4. List all nominees for consideration in the comments section.
  5. During the older decades (60’s/70’s), it doesn’t matter the artist of the song, just the song itself.

Today we will start with the decade of the 1960’s.  I will start the process with a few songs for consideration.

  • “Child Of The King”
  • “For God So Loved”
  • “He Is Mine And I Am His”
  • “He Touched Me”
  • “Sheltered In The Arms Of God”

6 thoughts on “In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Song – 1960’s

  1. I’m not as learned on 60’s SG music as I am later decades. I definitely agree with the ones I’ve heard of the ones you listed. There are a couple that come to mind from the Downings in 69: Searchin’ and Getting Ready Today, though I doubt they trump some you listed.

  2. I am not as good with the 60’s since most of my collection is from the 70’s foward, but a few come to mind that I am pretty sure was introduced in the 60’s.

    He Looked Beyond my Faults
    I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary
    I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
    I Wouldn’t Take Nothing for my Journey Now
    If That Isn’t Love
    I’ll Meet you in the Morning
    Jesus Is Coming Soon
    Little is Much When God Is In It
    Sweeter as the Days Go By
    Thanks to Calvary
    The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference
    Too Much To Gain To Lose
    Who Am I

    I’m sure I am missing many more great songs, so If more come to mind I will try to list them as well.

  3. Steve, I saw your post when it first came out, but I wasn’t certain how you wanted the fans to nominate the songs. In other words, if they are already listed, do you still want us to suggest them? Are you going to score how many nominations a song gets or just start compiling a list even if a song is suggested only once? Just a thought, but since you have few people participating so far (1960s, of course, is for us older folks), maybe it isn’t clear what you wanted. Anyway, the three from the 1960s that stand out to me would be Sheltered In The Arms of God, He Looked Beyond My Fault (not faults – we have one fault and it is called sin), and He Touched Me. You already mentioned two of them. But why not choose a song from each decade instead of limiting it to only one song chosen? Just my thoughts… Thanks for your passion for southern gospel.

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