Final 2014 Wrap Up

douganderson2014drivemaxOn this final day of 2014, I want to quickly wrap up the year that was in Southern Gospel music.  Since we just ended our countdown, I always get asked every year what album just missed making the top 20 and also what album was your lowest ranked of all the albums listened to.  I will reveal both now.

blackwoodbros2014foreverFirst, the rest of the best; the albums that just missed making the top 20:

  1. (21) Drive – Doug Anderson
  2. (22) Welcome Home – Joseph Habedank
  3. (23) Forever: 80th Anniversary Recording – Blackwood Brothers
  4. (24) Hymns: The A Cappella Sessions – Nelons
  5. (25) This Is What It’s All About – Mark Bishop

InspirationsAnd the album that ranked lowest of all the albums I listened to in 2014 was:

  1. God’s Word Will Stand – Inspirations; with the exception of two songs (“Faithful Friend” and “It’s Not Long Until Forever”) this may be the weakest Inspirations album in their entire 50 year discography.  If I would have reviewed this album it would have gotten a ‘D’ on my grading scale.


I want to honor all those Southern Gospel has lost in 2014:

  1. Roy Bray (Southmen Quartet)
  2. norman-wilson-passes-awayRichard Carper (Southern Gospel music promoter)
  3. Bobby Clark (Cathedrals)
  4. Colbert Croft (Songwriter)
  5. Norman Holland (Southern Gospel music executive)
  6. Bob Johnson (Speers)
  7. Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson & Revivers)
  8. Don Light (Talent Agent)
  9. Mary Tom Speer Reid (Speers)
  10. Jack Smith (Happy Goodmans)
  11. Ed Sprouse (Blue Ridge Quartet)
  12. Clark Thompson (Rangers Trio)
  13. Eddie Wallace (Sunshine Boys)
  14. Norman Wilson (Primitive Quartet)


Each month I present readers the Fab Five feature that ranks the most played Southern Gospel radio songs in my iPod/music playlists over the preceding month.  Here are the ten most played songs for the entire year 2014.

  1. Erwins“How Will You Plead” – 11th Hour
  2. “Falling” – Amber Nelon Thompson
  3. “Empty Me Lord” – Primitive Quartet
  4. “Meanwhile Back At The Cross” – Gordon Mote
  5. “Not Afraid To Trust Him” – Whisnants
  6. “I’ll Take You Home” – Hoppers
  7. When Justice Called, Mercy Answered” – Erwins
  8. “I’ll Know I’m Home” – Kingdom Heirs
  9. “The Blood And Its Power” – Perrys
  10. “The Sun’s Coming Up” – Nelons


  1. In Honor: Norman Wilson
  2. The Southern Gospel Story Of My Life (1982)
  3. 2014 NQC – Saturday Night Recap
  4. Sometimes It Takes A Mountain – Gaither Vocal Band
  5. 2014 NQC – Thursday Night Recap


Looking ahead to 2015, I plan to get back to some of the most popular features of the site (Smack Down; Southern Gospel Story Of My Life; Ten On Ten – Revisited).  I will continue to provide readers with album reviews, NQC recaps and my annual countdown.  I also plan to start a new ‘hard hitting’ commentary that will address issues within Southern Gospel music industry.  Look forward to having you along for the ride.


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