Best Of 2014 – #3

tarandaThe annual countdown is nearing its end.  Today we take a look at the Southern Gospel album and recorded song ranked 3rd among the best released this year.

Female vocalists truly dominated the album category this year.  Five of the top seven recordings all included power house female vocalists.  One of those power house female voices, Taranda Greene, lands at #3 among the best Southern Gospel albums released this year with, Stronger.

Taranda has been working on this recording most of the year and was ready to release it in August.  Stow Town Records came along and decided to take on this recording and distribute it under their label.  Wise move, Stow Town, because three of their recordings landed in the top ten this year.  Go back and read my review of the album (linked above) to get my overall thoughts on this amazing album.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Awake My Soul”; “Stronger”; “Healer”; “A Little More Jesus”; “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”; “Where Amazing Happens”; “Shackles”; “The Sound” and “Deepest Praise”.

L5Yesterday, the Kingsmen found a home at #4 (Battle Cry) with the highest ranking Southern Gospel quartet album of 2014.  Today, Legacy Five takes the honor of having the highest ranking Southern Gospel quartet recorded song of the year.

Legacy Five’s 2014 album release, Great Day, ended up ranking 15th among the best albums released this year.  That is a direct result of several really strong songs, including the one that ranks 3rd among all Southern Gospel songs recorded this year.

The Don Poythress penned, “He Heals”, fits Legacy Five perfectly.  Tenor Gus Gaches tackles the first verse while Scott Fowler conveys the second.  Truly, one of the greatest songs the group has ever recorded.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by Legacy Five – Topic) of the audio version of the song ranked 3rd among the best of 2014.  Enjoy!


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