Best Of 2014 – #7

PerrysThe Christmas holiday is here as most of us begin our travels to family somewhere across this country or prepare our homes to host family.  Remember to cherish those most important to you this Christmas season.  Today, we continue the annual countdown with the album and recorded song ranked 7th.

Even in the most trying of years for the Perrys, they still provided Southern Gospel listeners with a new album; the group’s first with Stow Town Records.  While the album didn’t rank as high as some of their biggest recordings (see Almost Morning), Into His Presence still provided listeners with the Perrys traditional/progressive mix of quality Southern Gospel music.

Even though the Perrys have since lost two vocal members from this recording, several songs contained on the album will remain in the Perrys repertoire for years to come.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “I Can Trust Him”; “Lord, I’m Thankful”; “How Long”; “Into His Presence”; “I Owe Him Everything”; “Privilege Of Prayer” and “Just Stand Still”.

High RoadFemale trio, High Road III had another great year with the release of their sophomore album; Angel At The Crossroads.  The album ranked 13th among the best released this year.

The title track (“Angel At The Crossroads”) also happened to be the stand out track from the recording and now lands among the best recorded songs of 2014 at #7.  High Road III’s acoustical style lends to these haunting melodies that capture the listener and “Angel At The Crossroads” fits this mold perfectly.

High Road III picked up quite a few nominations at the 1st annual Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row honors as Angel At The Crossroads garnered nominations for Album and Concept Video of the year.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by HighRoadMusic) of that concept video for the recorded song ranked 7th among the best of 2014.  Enjoy!


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