Best Of 2014 – #10

TaylorsWe are half way through the countdown and today kicks off the top ten.  What are the ten best albums and recorded songs in Southern Gospel music this year?  Lets find out.

The Taylors continue to make strides in Southern Gospel music and I would say 2014 has been one of the best so far for the group.  The group signed a recording agreement with Stow Town Records and released their first album with the label in 2014.  That album, Measure Of Grace, lands at #10 among the best Southern Gospel albums released this year.

The Taylors are able to meld traditional mixed quartet Southern Gospel music with progressive arrangements.  I sometimes tend to label them the Downings of this generation and that assessment is not too far off.  Measure Of Grace is a strong eleven song collection that I would classify as the group’s best album to date.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Measure Of Grace”; “I Tremble”; “Heaven Is Ready (And Waiting For Me)”; “I’m Committed To You Lord”; “That Will Be Heaven To Me”; “He’s My Guide” and “The Greatest Wonder”.

Three BridgesThree Bridges already found a home in the annual countdown when I ranked Jesus Saves the 17th best album of 2014.  There was one song in particular from this recording that ranks as one of the ten best recorded songs in Southern Gospel music this year.

When you put the songwriting talents of Lee Black, Jason Cox and Kenna West together you are guaranteed the final product is going to be nothing less than stellar.  Such is the case with the song ranked 10th among the best recorded this year; “Satisfied”.

This is another of those songs that sounds like a classic song cover until you read the songwriter credits.  There have been plenty of songs in the history of this genre with the title, “Satisfied”, but this newest is destined to become a song that will be sung years from now.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by Three Bridges – Topic) of the audio version of “Satisfied”.  Enjoy!


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