Best Of 2014 – #17

Three BridgesHappy Monday to everyone.  The annual count down continues today with the album and song ranked 17th among the best of 2014.

The third trio has already found its way on to the count down; today at #17 is Three Bridges.  Three Bridges has just over a decade under their belt releasing their first album in 2002.  From the group’s inception, there has always been a blues vocal element to the sound.  It started with lead vocalist Mitchel Jon and has carried forward with the group’s current lead vocalist Shannon Smith.

The album ranked 17th for 2014 is a new ten song collection from Three Bridges titled Jesus Saves.  The blues element mentioned above is prevalent on Jesus Saves, with Shannon receiving over half the features on the album.

Personal favorites from this recording include: “Satisfied”; “Livin’ Forgiven”; “Jesus Saves, Never Fades”; “A Time Such As This”; “Water Grave” and “Made Up Mind”.

MartinsThe Martins rose to the forefront of Southern Gospel music in the mid 1990’s with their A Cappella prowess.  The group decided to re-visit that with the release of a new A Cappella album in 2014.

The intricate harmonies and arrangements prove the Martins have still got the vocal chops to pull off what was required for the album.  Of all the songs found on the album there was one that stood out from the rest and ranked as one of the best recorded songs of 2014.

“When I Go Away” is a Larry Campbell classic, that the Martins take and make sound brand new.  The ‘fresh’ arrangement given to the song only enhances its overall appeal.  All three vocalists get a chance to shine on this particular song.

Here is an audio clip of “When I Go Away” from the 2014 album, A Cappella.


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