Best Of 2014 – #18

Ball BrothersToday finds the album and recorded song ranked 18th among the best of 2014.  We just wrapped up the 1st annual Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row honors and the readers of this site chose the Ball Brothers as most underrated artist of the year.

It just so happens that the Ball Brothers released a new album in 2014 and that album is ranked 18th among the best released this year.  Pursuit is a ten song collection filled with new material along with several song covers.

All ten songs are done in the Ball Brothers unique progressive Southern Gospel style and the intricate harmonies found on several songs are unmatched.  This group is working on their first decade in Southern Gospel music and 2014 gives them one of the best album released this year.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Someday”; “Lead Them To Jesus”; “Forgive Me”; “Just As I Am”; “It’s Gonna Be A Good Day” and “Who’s Gonna Stand In The Gap”.

Doug AndersonWe get our first look at a Wayne Haun composition with the song ranked 18th among the best recorded songs of 2014.

Wayne, along with Valerie Dacus and Randall Garland penned “Love Covered My Sin”; found on Doug Anderson’s 2014 solo album, Drive.  This eleven song collection was Doug’s second solo album released by Stow Town Records.

When I first heard this song it was an immediate stand out.  I first thought it was a classic song cover until I read the songwriter credits.  Vocally, Doug never sounded better than the work done on Drive.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by Doug Anderson – Topic) of an audio clip of the song ranked 18th among the best recorded in 2014; “Love Covered My Sin”.  Enjoy!


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