Voting Rounds – Recorded Song/Album

1stThe end has come for the 1st annual Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row honors.  Today you get to vote on the final two categories; the best recorded song and album of 2014.  Recorded song is any song found on a 2014 album release (doesn’t have to be a radio single).  The only criteria for album is that it has to be released in 2014.  I want to thank everyone who participated in helping determine the best Southern Gospel had to offer in 2014.  Once this final poll has closed (one week), I will have a wrap up where I will re-list all winners.


  1. “Falling” – Gina Boe/Ronnie Freeman/Tony Wood; recorded by Amber Nelon Thompson (Without Your Love)
  2. “He Heals” – Don Poythress; recorded by Legacy Five (Great Day)
  3. “How Will You Plead” – Amber Eppinette/Dianne Wilkinson; recorded by 11th Hour (Picture This)
  4. “Reassure Me” – Ronny Stoots; recorded by the Dunaways (Church In The Kitchen)
  5. “Say Amen” – Jason Cox/Michael Farren/Kenna Turner West; recorded by Brian Free & Assurance (Unashamed)


  1. highroad2014crossroadsmaxAngel At The Crossroads – High Road III (Custom) 
  2. dunaways2014kitchenmaxChurch In The Kitchen – Dunaways (Custom) 
  3. perrys2014intohispresencemaxInto His Presence – Perrys (Stow Town Records) 
  4. 11thhour2014picturethismaxPicture This – 11th Hour (Skyland Records) 
  5. mtq2014yourwalktalksmaxYour Walk Talks – Mark Trammell Quartet (Crimson Road Records) 

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