Voting Rounds – Duo/Trio and Performing Artist

Happy Monday!  Today you get to vote on two more categories for the 1st annual Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row honors.  That will leave us with four remaining categories that will wrap up this week.  What is the best duo/trio and performing artist of 2014?

Duo/Trio of the year is any artist with no more than three vocalists.  Performing artist (or touring artist) are those artists who are still selling out concert venues for 2014.  While they may have not had new albums or hit singles this year, these five nominees were still among the most sought after in terms of purchasing concert tickets.  There will be YouTube clips provided showcasing the five nominees in each category.


1.  11th hour (published by Diana Brantley)

2.  Akins (published by TheAkinsVideos)

3.  Greater Vision (published by psalmofpraise)

4.  Master’s Voice (published by dasahuikko)

5.  Karen Peck & New River (published by myong cha)


1.  Booth Brothers (published by Lauren SGBlog)

2.  Collingsworth Family (published by Joy Miller)

3.  Jason Crabb (published by Allyson Praytor)

4.  Gaither Vocal Band (published by Silas Henrique Santana Mendes)

5.  Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (published by EHSSVEVO)


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