Enter To Win: Friday Fun Give Away

bishops1993morethanmyvoicemaxHappy Friday everyone!  How about we give away some more classic Southern Gospel music.  Up for grabs today is the Bishops 1993 album, More Than My Voice.  This recording is fairly hard to find nowadays, so today’s trivia is going to be a bit harder than normal.

The songs found on More Than My Voice include “Greatest Love”, “If That Isn’t Love”, “Lord I Need Your Touch”, “Lord I’d Be Lost Without You”, “Praising The Risen Lamb”, “Shadow Of Thy Wings”, “Sun Didn’t Shine”, “That Sounds Like Someone I’d Like To Know”, “This Side Of The Cross” and “You’ll Be Back On The Mountain Again”.

Remember all classic CDs being given away are used, from my personal collection (I’ve been the only owner).  The first person to email me (swea215@yahoo.com) the correct answers to the following trivia questions will win this classic Southern Gospel CD by the Bishops; More Than My Voice.

  1. Can you find the oddity or artist out of place? (McDuffs, McFalls, McGruders, McRaes, McKameys)
  2.  Which one of these is not the title of a Bishops album? (Blessed, Great Things, Marching On, Once In A Dream, Stories)
  3. Finally, name the seven male trios contained in this music mash up.


Congratulations to Brian for coming closest to the correct answers and winning the Bishops, More Than My Voice CD.  The correct answers are as follows.

  1. It should have read McDuffs, McFalls, McGruders, McKameys, McRaes.  All you needed to do was list them alphabetically.
  2. Once In A Dream was not a title of a Bishops album,
  3. The seven male trios in the mash were Heaven Bound (“I Feel His Promise”), Galileans (“Light On The Shore”), Three Bridges (“Waitin’ On Jesus”), Tony Gore & Majesty (“What A Hallelujah Morning”), Greater Vision (“I’ve Got A Love”), Goss Brothers (“He Really Gotta Hold Of My Heart”) and Booth Brothers (“Mercy Was Found”).

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