Brand New Day (EP) – Kyle Boreing

Kyle BoreingGRADE:  C

  • Album – Brand New Day
  • Artist – Kyle Boreing
  • Label – Blaidecton Enterprises
  • Style – Progressive, ’80s Indie Pop, Inspirational
  • Release Date – 11/18/14
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes/Spotify)


Southern Gospel blogger, Kyle Boreing, is not only a writer but regional performer.  Kyle has spent the last several months finishing up a new EP titled, Brand New Day.

Kyle produced this new effort and recorded all vocals/instrumentation used on Brand New Day sans some strings and synth work by Garland Craft.  Kyle has a tenor/lead vocal that reminds me of John Denver at times.

This new EP contains six songs that range in style from progressive Southern Gospel to inspirational (light P&W) and even a little ’80s indie pop thrown in for good measure.  Since there are only six songs on the recording I will say a word about each.


  • Speaking of ’80s indie pop, the final track “The Maker Of The Road” really gives the listener that ’80s indie pop sound.  The synthesizer throughout the recording only adds to that sound, but Kyle’s vocal on this particular song really drives that style home.  This was my favorite song on the recording and an entire recording of this ’80s indie pop sound would work for Kyle.
  • The Oak Ridge Boys influence on Kyle can be heard in another stand out track, “Sanctified”.  A song recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys on their 1973 album, Street Gospel, Kyle turns in a great performance from one of his all time musical influences.
  • Kyle tackles the Southern Gospel classic, “When We Pray”.  I first remember hearing this song on Chronicle’s (Kingsboys) 1990 recording, Willing Servants.  Kyle’s arrangement of this song comes close to that version.
  • “Show Your Power” is an inspirational style tune that doesn’t fall too far down the P&W spectrum to make it enjoyable.  Again, the synthesizers on this recording drives home retro 1980’s.
  • “I Need You All The Time” is a nice peppy album starter.  I did have to chuckle on the second verse though when Kyle sang about having a southern drawl. Kyle, you are in Ohio.  Come south a little further. (please note, this is all in jest).
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “The Maker Of The Road”, “Sanctified”, “When We Pray” and “Show Your Power”.
  • I was on this song train and “All Of Me” was headed straight to P&W town and I was hoping for a detour.  While not the standard P&W style tune, “All Of Me” is the kind of song that can be heard in any of the modern mega-church praise and worship services.  I understand Kyle needs to record this type of song to add a variety of styles in his performances, but as I have said many times, modern-day praise and worship music is lost on this listener.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “All Of Me”.


If you enjoy supporting regional/indie artists, give Kyle Boreing’s Brand New Day a listen.  Not only does he have a huge appreciation of Southern Gospel music, but he is an all around great guy.

SONG – Songwriter:  1. “I Need You All The Time” – Pat Bunch, Jimmy Price, Shane Teeters  2. “When We Pray” – Aaron Brown, Dave Lehman, Aaron Wilburn  3. “Sanctified” – James Dickinson, Bob McGill  4. “All Of Me” – Jeremy Wood  5. “Show Your Power” – Kevin Protsch  6. “The Maker Of The Road” – Chris Eaton, David Strasser, Matthew West

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