Voting Rounds – Video (Short Form)

Don’t let the creepy’s scare you on this Halloween.  If you are dressing up for a party or taking the kids trick or treating, have fun!  Today I thought I would continue the voting rounds with just one category, best short form (concept) video of 2014.  Concept videos are still a new concept (no pun intended) for Southern Gospel music, but they are becoming more prevalent nowadays with the ease of viewing on social media (most importantly YouTube).

I actually had about ten contenders to sort through of Southern Gospel concept videos released in 2014.  These are the five I thought most deserving of a nomination.  Now you decide which you consider to be the best Southern Gospel concept video of the year.


1.  “Angel At The Crossroads” – High Road III

2.  “Put It Right There” – LeFevere Quartet

3.  “Rise Above The Fall” – Horn Family

4.  “Say Amen” – Brian Free & Assurance

5.  “Where I’ve Been” – Freemans


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