Enter To Win: Friday Fun Give Away

cjrevivers1993letshavechurchmaxI thought I would break away from the voting rounds today (I don’t want to cause voter fatigue) and give away another classic Southern Gospel CD.  With the passing of Gospel music legend Charles Johnson, I thought I would give away the group’s landmark 1993 album, Let’s Have Church.

The song’s found on Let’s Have Church included “A Place Prepared For Me”, “I Believe He Died For Me”, “I Know What Lies Ahead”, “I’m Going To A Meeting”, “Let’s Have Church”, “Love Of Jesus”, “Until Then” and “Winds Of This World”.  Remember all CDs are used (but I have been the only owner).

This was released during an era in Southern Gospel music I label the ‘high energy’ era.  The charismatic stage performances of many of the groups of this time defined ‘high energy’.  The first person to email me (swea215@yahoo.com) the answer to the question will win Let’s Have Church by Charles Johnson & Revivers.

Name the five ‘high energy’ artists included in this musical mash-up.


I want to congratulate Jeremy for providing the winning entry in this week’s Friday fun give away.  He wins Let’s Have Church by Charles Johnson & Revivers.  Keep on the lookout because I will be giving away the majority of my personal Southern Gospel CD collection as part of the Friday fun give away.  The answers were:

  1. McGruders (“I’m Going Home With Jesus”)
  2. Reinhardts (“If You Think I’m Shouting Now”)
  3. Wilburns (“The Old Story Will Never Grow Old”)
  4. Cedar Ridge (“I’ve Got Something To Praise God For”)
  5. Greenes (“There’s A Miracle In Me”)

2 thoughts on “Enter To Win: Friday Fun Give Away

  1. It sounds like he was loved and respected by many. Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to know him. He was my biological father but he decided he did not want to have a relationship with me and my three siblings for reasons only known to him and god. I’m posting this message because it’s the only way I have to say goodbye and RIP to my father who I never got the opportunity to know. Very sad.

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