Voting Rounds – Tenor/Bass Vocalists

1stWhile some of us may not be happy that it is already Monday and another weekend over, we have the chance to take a little time away from work and vote for best tenor and bass vocalists in Southern Gospel music for 2014.  This will close out the six vocal spots that make up Southern Gospel music.  Voting polls will be open one week.  A music mash-up is provided for each category to showcase why the nominees were chosen to represent 2014.


  1. Chris Allman (Greater Vision)
  2. Riley Harrison Clark (Tribute Quartet)
  3. Gus Gaches (Legacy Five)
  4. Thomas Nalley (LeFevre Quartet)
  5. Jeremy Peace (Old Paths)


  1. Daniel Ashmore (Old Paths)
  2. Jeff Chapman (Kingdom Heirs)
  3. Anthony Davis (Tribute Quartet)
  4. Matt Fouch (Legacy Five)
  5. Paul Harkey (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)

One thought on “Voting Rounds – Tenor/Bass Vocalists

  1. Steve – love the way you’re doing this voting. On some contests I don’t vote (such as the greatest SG album of all time) because I haven’t heard the majority of the albums. I hadn’t heard some of these tracks either, but the short snippets make me feel comfortable voting. Thanks!

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