Enter To Win: Friday Fun Give Away

perrys1991royaldescendantsmaxI received an email after the last Friday fun give away that it was too difficult to win with the questions provided.  So, with each future Friday fun give away there will be only one question that will have to be answered to win the classic CD I am giving away.

Remember that all CD’s being given away are from my personal collection (so they are used, but I have been the only owner).  This week’s classic CD being given away is the Perrys 1991 recording, Royal Descendants.  The first person to email me (swea215@yahoo.com) with the correct answer will win.

The songs included on Royal Descendants in addition to the title track were “Brand New Experience”, “City Of The Living”, “Holy Angels”, “I’ll Leave In A Moment”, “I’ll Take The Old Highway”, “It’s About Time”, “That’s What He Did For Me”, “The Day He Autographed My Heart” and “We’re Sailing Home”.

The first individual to identify the following five family groups in this music mash-up will win this classic Perrys CD.  Good luck!


I want to congratulate Cain for being the first to answer the question correctly.  He wins the Perrys, Royal Descendants CD.  I also want to thank all who participated and let you know that I will be giving away free music every Friday.  So be on the lookout.  Here were the answers to the musical mash-up.

  1. Sneed Family (“Victory Is Sweet”)
  2. Roy Knight Singers (“Little David”)
  3. Paynes (“King Of Glory”)
  4. Hinsons (“Soldier In The Army”)
  5. Speer Family (“Didn’t It Rain”)

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