In Honor: Charles Johnson (1931 – 2014)

It was announced yesterday that Gospel music legend, Charles Johnson had passed away.  When I read the news, I immediately recalled the first time I saw Charles Johnson & Revivers in concert.  It was in 1990 at the Greenes annual singing in Boone NC.  I already had a couple of the group’s cassette tapes, most importantly One Night Revival, which every Southern Gospel collector should own by the way.

I remember playing that tape and finally getting the VHS copy to watch the actual concert footage.  The anticipation of finally seeing the group live that August night in 1990 was a concert memory I will never forget.  The group became an immediate favorite and I saw the group many times in concert after that, from Lancaster PA to Cullman AL.

I want to honor Charles Johnson and his music legacy with several of my favorite Charles Johnson & Revivers songs.

1.  “I Can’t Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)” – published by gospelvideohub

2.  “Holy City, New Jerusalem” – published by MusicScribeBlog

3.  “Until Then” – also by gospelvideohub

4.  “Winds Of This World (aka Jesus Is With Me)” – published by pannellctp

5.  “Going On With Jesus” – also by gospelvideohub


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