The Southern Gospel Story Of My Life (1982)

HemphillsA couple of weeks ago I started a series titled the Southern Gospel story of my life.  It started with my first concert at the age of four.  We have now reached the year 1982 and the chance for this kid to see more of Southern Gospel’s best.

The first new artist for me to see in 1982 was the Hemphills.  They came to my hometown for a unique outdoor all night singing.  While we didn’t stay the entire night, we did stay long enough to see the Hemphills.  I remember Candy also coming in at the end of a chorus to add extra power to a song and it always meant a repeat of the chorus.

This was probably the Hemphills biggest era in Southern Gospel music as they were riding the success of the mega song, “He’s Still Working On Me”.  Joel Hemphill was a strong emcee and was able to read a crowd.  I remember the many hours after the concert playing the Hemphills record albums purchased at that event.

Here is a mash-up of music of what the Hemphills were staging in 1982.

DMB1982 was also the second time to see the Dixie Melody Boys.  They were regulars at the annual concert at the Westminster High School in Westminster Maryland.

This was around the time the group began making changes to their vocal line-up and style.  It was also the year they would release their career defining song, “Antioch Church Choir (Uncle Jesse)”.

Here is a mash-up of music from what the Dixie Melody Boys were staging in 1982.  Enjoy!


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