Jesus Saves – Three Bridges

threebridges2014jesussavesGRADE:  B

  • Album – Jesus Saves
  • Artist – Three Bridges
  • Label – Mansion Entertainment
  • Style – Progressive, Modern Country
  • Release Date – 09/30/14
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes/Spotify)


Three Bridges is celebrating 12 years since the release of their debut album, Soldiers.  Original member Elliott McCoy (baritone) is joined by Shannon Smith (lead) and Jeremie Hudson (tenor) in the 2014 vocal line-up of Three Bridges.

2014 also finds the release of Three Bridges new album for Mansion Entertainment, Jesus Saves.  Three Bridges always had a blues infused style to their music that started with original lead vocalist Mitchel Jon and has continued with Shannon Smith.

Jesus Saves continues that blues sound while creating some progressive Southern Gospel moments and modern country styles also fill this new album.


  • Tenor Jeremie Hudson is featured not nearly enough on Jesus Saves.  The one feature he does have, “Satisfied”, is the best song on the entire album.  This is a new song from the pens of Lee Black, Jason Cox and Kenna West.  This would also be the strongest choice for Southern Gospel radio single possibilities.  This song is a must listen!
  • The album starts off with a nice modern country song, “Jesus Saves, Never Fades”.  Lead singer, Shannon Smith has the feature on this uniquely titled song.  If you were wondering what the ‘never fades’ means in the song, the song talks of an old mission that has been painted over many times and the paint is chipping/fading.
  • Shannon also has a nice feature on another modern country tune, “Livin’ Forgiven”.  This is not the same song recorded by the Gaither Vocal Band/Ball Brothers.  This is more of a mid-tempo tune that work well with Shannon’s blues style singing.
  • There are a couple of up tempo songs that may cause you to hit repeat before the album ends.  The Southern Gospel sounding, “When God Does the Doin'”, would do well with Southern Gospel listeners while the ‘hard driving’ country style song, “Made Up Mind” has some power singing.
  • Three Bridges record (3) Steve Chapman songs on Jesus Saves.  I enjoyed the closing track, “Unknown Soldiers” most.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Satisfied”, “Jesus Saves, Never Fades”, “Livin’ Forgiven”, “Made Up Mind”, “Unknown Soldiers” and “When God Does The Doin'”.
  • The pacing of the album is ok, with the majority of the songs being in the mid to up tempo range.  The problem a listener may run in to is that a lot of the musical choices are the same (using modern country sounds) causing several of the songs to sound the same.
  • “Brand New” was the only song that fell flat compared to the rest of the album.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Brand New” and “The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow”.


Three Bridges have been consistent with what they have been providing Southern Gospel listeners since their debut in 2002.  Jesus Saves is another album to build on that consistency.  This album could very well give the group a #1 song contender with “Satisfied”.  The song is that good!

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Jesus Saves, Never Fades”/Shannon – Glenn Ashworth, Glen Bates, Leslie Lee Jowell Jr  2. “Satisfied“/Jeremie – Lee Black, Jason Cox, Kenna West  3. “The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow”/Shannon – Thomas Dorsey  4. “A Time Such As This”/Shannon – Shawn Craig, Don Koch  5. “Livin’ Forgiven”/Shannon – Billy Blackwood, Marty Funderburk  6. “Brand New”/Elliott – Steve Chapman  7. “When God Does The Doin'”/Ensemble – Glenn Ashworth, Glen Bates  8. “Made Up Mind”/Shannon – Lowell Alexander, Randy Phillips, Jeff Silvey  9. “Water Grave”/Ensemble – Steve Chapman  10. “Unknown Soldiers”/Shannon – Steve Chapman


3 thoughts on “Jesus Saves – Three Bridges

  1. I wonder why the graphics on the Absolutely Gospel cover of this CD are way better than what you’re showing? Maybe yours was a pre-release?

    1. Tad, I am not sure. This is the album cover they have plastered all over the internet as the album cover (ie, iTunes/Spotify/etc). Mansion Entertainments website shows the other album design you are talking about, so I don’t know which one you get if you buy the hard copy CD.

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