2014 NQC – Saturday Night Recap

Old PathsThe 2014 National Quartet Convention has come to a close.  The first year in Pigeon Forge TN seemed to be a success, at least in terms of attendance.  Lets run through the final nights hits and misses.

  • The Old Paths came out firing on all cylinders again tonight proving they were one of the best main stage artists of the entire week.  Their performance of “I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy” was outstanding.
  • I also thought the LeFevre Quartet turned in one of the best sets of the night.  I enjoyed it from start to finish especially “Put It Right There”.
  • I never tire of hearing the Hoppers perform “Something’s Happening”.  What a power house song!
  • It was nice to hear some classic Gold City tonight with “There Rose A Lamb”.  I believe it has been a couple of years since they staged that song at NQC.
  • Tribute Quartet proved again tonight that “Homecoming Day” is their best recorded/performed song.

  • Did anyone else think the ‘grand finale’ was way too long?  Clocking in at 45 minutes, I nearly fell asleep several times waiting for the program to end.
  • After stellar, crowd pleasing performances for the last several years, I thought all (3) Collingsworth Family sets this year lacked something.  Maybe it was just needing some new material.
  • It seemed the biggest problem of NQC 2014 was the parking/traffic.  It was a shame that Claude Hopper had to personally apologize to the crowd tonight on behalf of the NQC board.  As with any new venue, I guarantee changes will be made for future events, but will the nightmares of this year keep folks away next year?

**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “He’s Leading The Way” – Sneed Family  (2) “There Rose A Lamb” – Gold City  (3) “Worthy The Lamb” – Keepers Of The Faith  (4) “For All He’s Done” – Greater Vision  (5) “Something’s Happening” – Hoppers  (6) “I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy” – Old Paths (**Favorite song performance of the evening)  (7) “I Rest My Case At The Cross” – Perrys  (8) “The Healer Is Here” – Collingsworth Family  (9) “Put It Right There” – LeFevre Quartet  (10) “Holy Spirit Come” – Soul’d Out Quartet  (11) “Homecoming Day” – Tribute Quartet

Best Set of the Night:  I know they were already given best set earlier this week, but the Old Paths once again deserve that honor on closing night.  Goodbye NQC 2014, see ya next year.


4 thoughts on “2014 NQC – Saturday Night Recap

  1. Hi there,

    I came across this review on the Old Paths Facebook page. I too, thought the Old Paths had an outstanding set last night and one of the best. By far the best quartet set last night in my opinion. As far as your comments on the Collingsworth family having “lacked” something on their sets this year. That is laughable. If their performances weren’t stellar, then nobodies was. And to say they might need new material?? First of all, every group up there and half of the songs you listed for the other groups are “old hits” that were sung yet again. Yet the Collingsworth end on a song they have never recorded in “The Healer” and you say maybe they might need new material. Again….very funny and ironic you point that out. Almost sounds like there is a personal problem with them there.

    1. No need to get worked up. I have zero problems with the Collingsworth Family. I believe they deserve all the awards they are currently winning. This is simply one man’s opinion based on watching the program via webcam. I sat all week and watched each night from start to finish. That is a lot of songs over the course of the week.

      It is never about the artist for me anyway, it is always about the song. It is the song that catches my attention, not the artist singing it. Personal vendettas are not my thing.

    2. I agree with Steve, in both that the Old Paths had the best set of the night and that the Collingsworth Family set was disappointing, at least on Saturday night. I was very excited to see the Collingsworth Family (if not for them, I would have left after the Old Paths’ set) but their set was boring.

      The biggest issue was that Brooklyn’s voice inside the LeConte Center was “off.” I don’t mean pitch, but sound wise. I could not make out half the words she was singing. That isn’t her fault, but when she has a lot of solo lines on a long, slow song, it makes it seem like it drags on forever. Their set consisted of a a piano/trumpet instrumental and three slow songs, one of which I thought would never end. That makes it makes it a boring set to me.

      BTW, the song you mentioned as having never been recorded by the Collingsworth Family was recorded by them in 2005.

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