2014 NQC – Wednesday Night Recap

Old PathsHalf way there already.  Wednesday night of the 2014 National Quartet Convention is in the record books.  Most of the evening came off as filler for me.  It was like listening to a group’s new album only to have a strong beginning, a strong end but not much in the middle.  Here are the evenings hits and misses.

  • Two people many folks have been praying for (due to recent health battles) made their way to the stage tonight.  Connie Hopper got a great report from doctors that their was no sign of cancer in her pathology reports.  She returned to a standing ovation as she performed what has become her signature song; “I’ve Come Too Far”.  How true those words were tonight as she sang them.  Memorable moment!
  • Tracy Stuffle returned to the stage with the Perrys again tonight (also appeared with the group Monday night).  He remained with them the entire set and the group brought the house down with “If You Knew Him”.  First time I heard the song performed by the group since Joseph’s exit.  Andrew did a great job.
  • It was a great mix of family groups and quartets tonight.  Of the quartet sets, the Old Paths and Kingsmen shined.  From start to finish, the Old Paths picked the right songs for their set.  They featured the tenor (“He’s My Song”), bass (“God’s Gonna Do the Same”) and lead (“Love Them To Jesus”), but it was their closing number (“Long Live The King”) that took their set over the top.  One of my favorite radio songs of 2014.
  • The Kingsmen featured music from their soon to be released album, Battle Cry.  From what I heard I am already anticipating the release.  I thoroughly enjoyed the new song, “I Know”.
  • Several of the one song artists are proving they deserve an entire set next year.  So if anyone from NQC is reading this, the Mylon Hayes Family need a full set next year.
  • Legacy Five has one of the best recorded songs of 2014 with “He Heals”.  It is hands down the best song on the group’s current album, Great Day.  The sad part is a song like this will never make it to radio.  Thank you Legacy Five for performing this song tonight!
  • I enjoyed Dean and Kim’s emcee work tonight.  They cheered on and even complemented every artist that came on the stage.  They added some humor and showed the crowd the relationships they built with other artists over the many years they have been on the road.  True professionals!

  • We got a couple Christmas songs tonight.  I know folks love Christmas music and it is ok to hear them any time of the year if they are Christ centered, but I find it hard to break out any Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.
  • Folks that know me understand my opinion on modern-day praise and worship music.  Of all the musical art forms, it is near the top of my list of least favorite (though it does beat rap).  Guy Penrod’s set was lost on me as a result of said music.  At least now I know to avoid his new album.


**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “My Lord Will Lead Me” – Lesters  (2) “I Know” – Kingsmen  (3) “I’ve Come Too Far” – Hoppers  (4) “That’s Why” – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound  (5) “Little Is Much” – Mylon Hayes Family  (6) “God’s Been Faithful” – Mark Trammell Quartet  (7) “He Heals” – Legacy Five (**Favorite song performance of the evening)  (8) “Long Live The King” – Old Paths  (9) “How Long” – Perrys  (8) “In The Valley He Hears My Voice” – Tribute Quartet

Best Set of the Night:  I went back and forth on a couple of artists, but from start to finish I think the best set tonight was the Old Paths.


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