Enter To Win: Friday Fun Give Away

crabbfamily1996stillholdinonmaxWhen I ran Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row before I always enjoyed giving away free music.  I thought I would use the next couple Fridays to give my readers a few puzzles to solve in order to win some classic Southern Gospel music.

All music comes from my personal collection.  The classic CDs being given away are used, but I have been the only owner.  Up for grabs today is the Crabb Family’s 1996 Zion Records album, Still Holdin’ On.  The hit songs from this recording included “Something Going On In The Graveyard”, “Still Holdin’ On” and “Where We’ll Never Die”.

The first person to accurately answer the series of puzzles/trivia will win this classic CD.  Be sure to email all responses to me (swea215@yahoo.com).  Do not leave answers in the comments section as to ruin it for everyone else.  Once the prize has been won I will reveal the answers to everyone else.  I have no problem researching answers.  Enjoy!

  1. Which one of the following is not like the others?  (Karen Peck & New River, Kingdom Heirs, Kingsboys, Kellys)
  2. 1997 was the year, “Power In Prayer” was the song.  Who was the artist?
  3. Arrange the following artists chronologically in the order they were a part of Southern Gospel music. (Brian Free & Assurance, Lamar Sego Family, Roy Knight Singers, Sons Of Song, Triumphant Quartet)
  4. Finally, identify the five artists heard in this musical mash-up.


Congratulations to Cody for being the first to answer correctly.  He wins the Crabb Family’s, Still Holdin’ On recording.  Keep an eye out over the next couple Friday’s as I give more classic Southern Gospel music away.  The answers to this week’s puzzles/trivia are as follows:

  1. Karen Peck & New River (the only artist listed of the four that didn’t start with a ‘K’ and end with and ‘S’).
  2. Perrys
  3. Sons Of Song, Lamar Sego Family, Roy Knight Singers, Brian Free & Assurance, Triumphant Quartet
  4. Greenes (“Angels Everywhere”), Joseph Habedeank (“Never No Never”), Lanny Wolfe Trio (“Jesus Is Still The Answer”), Gold City (“I’m Losing My Mind”) and Dixie Melody Boys (“Giver Of Amazing Grace”)

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