Without Your Love (EP) – Amber Nelon Thompson

amber-nelon-thompsonGRADE:  A

  • Album – Without Your Love
  • Artist – Amber Nelon Thompson
  • Label – Daywind Records
  • Style – Modern Country, Progressive
  • Release Date – 08/12/14
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes/Spotify)



One of the leading female vocalists in Southern Gospel music releases her first solo effort with the EP, Without Your Love.  Amber Nelon Thompson, of the Nelons, may have started a new trend in Southern Gospel music with Without Your Love.

Instead of giving listeners the standard (10) song recording, Amber and Daywind Records decided to give listeners (4) songs.  This allowed Amber to choose, record and release four truly outstanding songs instead of a ten song recording that could have left listeners with filler alongside the best songs.

The four songs chosen for Without Your Love are all modern country-style ballads with some progressive Southern Gospel overtones for good measure.  Several power notes hit by Amber on the album reminded me a lot of what a listener would get from mainstream country artist Martina McBride.


  • Since there are only four songs on Without Your Love and they are all outstanding, I will give a thought about each.  The EP kicks off with the story in song, “What Do You Say”?  The first verse relays the message of teenage pregnancy and the struggles of a single mother.  The second verse talks about a gentlemen battling cancer.  The power in the message of giving up and letting go when you feel there is nothing left but the final stanza brings hope in the power of Resurrection that only Christ can give.  Awesome song!
  • Next up is a song of thanks, “Grateful”.  This pop infused song is a Jeff & Sheri Easter style song.  Amber adds some different vocal techniques than used on the first song to really show her range as a vocalist.
  • Amber’s duet with power vocalist Joseph Habedank is next with the title track, “Without Your Love”.  The back and forth among Amber and Joseph on the verses/chorus of the song would make this a hit on CCM radio.
  • The EP closes with the strongest song on the entire album; “Falling”.  This is also the current single at Southern Gospel radio.  This is absolutely one of the best songs I have heard all year.  Amber’s power vocal along with the message makes this song a must listen!  The string accompaniment to start the song is gorgeous and sets up the rest of the song beautifully.  A powerful song of restoration!
  • I enjoyed the concept used here of only giving listeners the best songs you can absolutely record, instead of the archaic method of picking ten to twelve songs that may only muster four or five really great songs.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Falling”, “What Do You Say”, “Without Your Love” and “Grateful”.
  • The only minor critique I would have is that it would have been nice to have at least one up-tempo song among the four beautiful ballads.



Amber Nelon Thompson has already proven she is about the best female vocalist you will find in Southern Gospel music.  The release of Without Your Love only cements that sentiment.  Why is she not already winning female vocalist awards?  Let’s fix that, stat.  You need to own this four song collection.  It is four of the best songs you will hear in Southern Gospel music all year.


SONG – Songwriter:  1. “What Do You Say” – Jason Clark  2. “Grateful” – Ian Eskolin, Don Poythress, Tony Wood  3. “Without Your Love”/Duet with Joseph Habedank – Jason Clark, Joel Lindsey  4. “Falling” – Gina Boe, Ronnie Freeman, Tony Wood


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