A Quiet Comeback

Hello All.  Welcome to the return of Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row.  After announcing my exit from Musicscribe, I received numerous emails of encouragement asking me to reconsider leaving the Southern Gospel blogging world.

It is because of those words of encouragement and the show of support that I re-start Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row.  This will simply be a quiet comeback.  I have no plans of advertising my return.  Readers will slowly find their way back.

Folks that know me, understand my passion for this music.  I have been around it my entire life and I have no plans of throwing in the towel now.  If anyone feels the need to address my exit from Musicscribe, you can do it with me personally (swea215@yahoo.com).  Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row was always about the music, nothing else.  It will remain that way.

So, as I slowly get back in the groove, expect what you would normally get from this site; Album Reviews, Best of the Year, Retro Spotlight features, the Smack Down feature and more new features ahead.  Thanks again for your support.  You will never know how much that means to me!


8 thoughts on “A Quiet Comeback

  1. Glad to see you back Steve! I enjoy several southern gospel blogs, but this one was my favorite. I was sad when you announced you were quitting, but I am really excited to see this blog coming back! I look forward to reading your posts once again.

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