Legacy – Greenes

greenes2014legacy300GRADE:  B

  • Album – Legacy
  • Artist – Greenes
  • Label – ACA Records
  • Style – Traditional, Progressive
  • Release Date – 07/22/14
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes/Spotify)



Tim Greene, an original member of the Greenes, continues the legacy started by the family in 1979.  A group that has left an impact in Southern Gospel music with former hits; “Hold On”, “In The Twinkling Of An Eye”, “Miracle In Me”, “Never Crucify Him Again”, “When God Has Another Plan” and “When I Knelt The Blood Fell” to name a few.

It is fitting that the Greenes 2014 album release is titled Legacy.  The album is an eleven song collection filled with mainly new songs and a cover of one of the group’s biggest hits; “Never Crucify Him Again”.

The 2014 vocal line-up of the Greenes is composed of Tim (Lead), Keith Skiles (Tenor) and Daniel Albritton (Baritone).  Legacy continues the long trend of Greenes music to the Southern Gospel listener.  Tim has made sure to keep that distinct Greenes sound, even with the new group.


  • The Greenes book-end Legacy by providing the two best songs at the start and ending of the album.  The album opener is another in a long list of songs titled, “Redeemed”.  Tim Greene has always been one of Southern Gospel’s best songwriters and he provides all eleven songs on Legacy.  Tenor Keith Skiles turns in a great performance of “Redeemed”.  This should easily hit Southern Gospel radio.
  • Another original member, Kim (Greene) Hopper, joins Tim on the album’s closing song; “Where Would I Be”.  This song was originally recorded by the Greenes on their 1990 album, Testimony.  It is great hearing Tim and Kim together again.  A must listen!
  • Tim is featured on another stand out track; “My Sins Broke His Heart”.  Tim has always been good at portraying a great lyric.  Such is the case with this song.
  • Of the few up-tempo numbers found on Legacy, “Waiting On A Train”, is definitely the best.  This is a fun song, done like so many train songs before it.
  • Baritone Daniel Albritton gets a feature on “Unbroken”.  Daniel is another in a long list of strong vocalists to be a part of the Greenes.
  • The 2014 edition of the Greenes turn in a nice cover of one of the group’s biggest songs; “Never Crucify Him Again”.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Redeemed”, “Where Would I Be”, “My Sins Broke His Heart”, “Waiting On A Train”, “Never Crucify Him Again” and “Unbroken”.
  • With only three up-tempo songs on an eleven song recording, the pacing gets a bit tiring for the listener by the end of the recording.
  • Anytime you feature kids on a song, you run in to territory of some listeners not finding it cute.  Such is the case with “No Matter Who You Are”.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “No Matter Who You Are” and “The Pastor”.



The Greenes impact on Southern Gospel music has already been written.  There is no denying they will go down as one of Southern Gospel’s most influential groups.  The music they were producing in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s was unmatched during that era.  I applaud Tim Greene for carrying on the family legacy and keeping the Greene name in the minds of Southern Gospel listeners.  If you have hesitation going to see this new Greene configuration in concert, don’t.  Tim and the Greenes provide current audiences with not only the group’s newest material but still sing many of the group’s biggest songs through the years.  If you enjoy the legacy the Greenes given Southern Gospel music, you will enjoy this new album; Legacy.


SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Redeemed”/Keith – Tim Greene  2. “Waiting On A Train“/Tim; Keith – Tim Greene  3. “My Sin Broke His Heart”/Tim – Tim Greene  4. “Rock Bottom”/Keith – Tim Greene  5. “Never Seen A Day Like This”/Tim – Tim Greene  6. “Never Crucify Him Again”/Keith; Daniel; Tim – Tim Greene  7. “The Pastor”/Daniel – Tim Greene  8. “No Matter Who You Are”/Greene Kids – Tim Greene  9. “Never Separated”/Ensemble; Keith – Tim Greene  10. “Unbroken”/Daniel – Tim Greene  11. “Where Would I Be”/Kim Hopper; Tim – Tim Greene


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