Pursuit – Ball Brothers

ballbrothers2014pursuitThis must buy or not feature is a collaboration from Diana Brantley and Steve Eaton.

The Ball Brothers have always seemed to be on the outside looking in when obtaining any type of substantial recognition from the Southern Gospel industry and fans.  But, they have not let that deter them from continuing to provide listeners with their own brand of Gospel music.

Pursuit just hit retail outlets (07/29/14) and the music provided can be described as part Beach Boys, part big band and progressive Southern Gospel music.  The Ball Brothers are unique in that they have four male voices in the group without being a traditional Southern Gospel quartet because of the lack of a bass singer.

Song list:  (1) “It’s Gonna Be A Good Day” – William Gaither, Suzanne Jennings, Jeff Silvey  (2) “Someday” – Dianne Wilkinson  (3) “Who’s Gonna Stand In The Gap” – Squire Parsons  (4) “Forgive Me” – Daniel Crews, Bryan Hattan  (5) “Beautiful One” – Tim Hughes  (6) “Just As I Am” – Jim Brady, Barry Weeks, Tony Wood  (7) “Lead Them To Jesus” – Michael Fordinal, Ricky Free, Sue C Smith  (8) “Nothing To Bring Him”  – Public Domain  (9) “You’re Gonna Need Him”- Public Domain/”If You Ever Needed The Lord Before” – Thomas Dorsey  (10) “Look To The Cross” – Lee Black, Ricky Free


  • Andy Tharp has the feature on the biggest Southern Gospel stand out track found on Pursuit.  “Forgive Me” is the traditional Southern Gospel ballad that would do well at radio and in the live concert setting.
  • Chad really brings that big band, Harry Connick Jr crooner style to the forefront.  It can be heard on “Beautiful One” and “Everywhere You Go”.  “Beautiful One” definitely gets points for being the better of the two tracks.
  • The Ball Brothers stick to the trend of covering a CCM tune on their albums.  This album finds “Just As I Am”, that Southern Gospel listeners may remember from Lauren Talley on her solo album Songs In The Night.  Chad also has the feature on this song.
  • Andrew Ball is featured on the light pop sounding “Lead Them To Jesus”.  The infectious melody will have you singing along before the song ends.
  • I mentioned the Beach Boys in my brief synopsis.  The Ball Brothers really take that sound on with the song “Someday”.  A definite throwback to a different musical era; the song was refreshing stylistically.


  • You can expect absolutely gorgeous, rich, full harmony from the Ball Brothers and this project is overflowing with it!  They have their sound perfected and I can always tell a Ball Brothers song as soon as I hear it.
  • Former Ball Brothers pianist Cody McVey produced, arranged, and orchestrated the songs for the album and really shines with his instrumentations:  from sweeping strings to the big brass, to simpler piano, percussion and woodwinds.
  • I continue to be impressed with young Chad McCloskey’s versatility and range.  I loved his crooner style on “Beautiful One” and his lead on “Just As I Am” and his ‘soul’ on the medley of “You’re Gonna Need Him” and “If You Ever Needed The Lord Before”.  These guys are all awfully young to be so good at that big band, swing sound you’ll hear on many of their songs like “Nothing To Bring Him”!



  • Sometimes the large brass accompaniment is too much.  It comes off as a bit cheesy on “You’re Gonna Need Him”.  I thought I was listening to a Jerry Lewis telethon.
  • It is refreshing to find a group like the Ball Brothers who is not afraid to forge their own musical style in the face of traditionalists who resist change.  It could also be the thing holding them back from obtaining a larger fan base in Southern Gospel music.  I say stick to what you’re doing.


  • I’ve got nothin’!!!


  • YES – I was on the fence with this one.  I had just as many reasons to say no as I did to say yes.  The Ball Brothers gives listeners a break from all the four-part quartet male harmony prevalent in Southern Gospel music.  For that refreshing sound/style I will sway my vote to the yes column in this case.


  • YES – The Ball Brothers have their own style so you don’t have to worry that it will be like any other album you already have in your library!  It has a great variety of styles and tempos, songs with very strong messages, and more different types of instrumentation then you’ll hear on any other album.

3 thoughts on “Pursuit – Ball Brothers

  1. Wow…impressed with their completely re-arranged version of “It’s Gonna Be a Good Day” that Gold City did a few years ago.

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