Great Life – Soul’d Out Quartet

souldoutqt2014greatlifeThis must buy or not feature is a collaboration from Diana Brantley and Steve Eaton.

Soul’d Out Quartet was awarded horizon group of the year at the Singing News fan awards in 2010.  Since that time they have continued to grow their fan base as well as start a recording relationship with Crossroads music.  Great Life, which hit retail on 07/15/14, is the first Soul’d Out Quartet album to be released under Crossroads premier label, Horizon Records.

Great Life is a collection of ten new songs that continues the young quartet’s tradition of Southern Gospel quartet music.

Song list:  (1) “Lord You’re So Good” – Matt Rankin  (2) “God’s Grace Is Never Ending” – Matt Rankin  (3) “He’s The One” – Matt Rankin  (4) “If You Only Knew” – Matt Rankin  (5) “There Is A Love” – Matt Rankin  (6) “Holy Spirit Come” – Matt Rankin  (7) “Hey Everybody” – Matt Rankin  (8) “I Just Want You To Know Who Jesus Is”  – Matt Rankin  (9) “What A Great Life” – Matt Rankin  (10) “The Answer Is The Cross” – Matt Rankin


  • All the points go to tenor Dusty Barrett.  His performance on “Holy Spirit Come” and the opening track, “Lord You’re So Good” are the stand out tracks on Great Life.  “Holy Spirit Come” would make an awesome concert opening song.  It is the type of song that could set the tone for the entire concert.
  • “There Is A Love” is the best up tempo song found on Great Life.  The song has a slight country feel, reminiscent of what Southern Gospel listeners got from the Dove Brothers on their Anything Is Ordinary album.  This song should have been the first radio single (if the record company was picking the best up tempo song).
  • Soul’d Out Quartet attempts to step out of the box stylistically on “He’s The One”.  While it didn’t come together perfectly, it still ended up being a highlight on the album.
  • Matt has his standard big ballad to close Great Life; “The Answer Is The Cross”.  The message found in the song makes it a must listen.  Another song that should go over well in the live concert setting.
  • The listener can instantly hear the production value compared to previous efforts.  That is what a label like Horizon records can do for an artist.


  • You’re exactly right on your first point, Steve!   I’ve been to two concerts where the opening song was “Holy Spirit Come“, and it was incredible both times.   Every time I think Dusty’s vocals can’t get any better, they do!
  • I liked that most of the songs were up-tempo or mid-tempo.  It made the slower songs even more effective, like Ian’s feature on “If You Only Knew.”
  • After several Re-Soul’d and Soulace albums, I was ready to hear some new Matt Rankin songs!   I certainly got what I wanted since Matt wrote them all!
  • “He’s The One” was such a strong, declarative song.   This bold style reminded me of another of my favorite songs – “Who Is This Man.”   The message could not be any clearer.




  • Soul’d Out Quartet has been looking for that big song to take them to the next level.  Great Life will not bring the group that song.  While there were some musical highlights, nothing that left me blown away.
  • Soul’d Out used to feature pianist Michael Howard on a song.  I miss that song.  “On My Way Home” was the best song on the group’s Blessed album.  More Michael Howard please.


  • Actually, Michael sings on “Hey, Everybody” during performances, but he isn’t featured.  I agree that I’d love to see Michael featured on every album – on the keys or on a vocal – or both!


  • NO – I have to compare an artist’s body of work when making this decision.  Great Life did not hold up to the caliber of album the group released with What The World Doesn’t Know and Worth Every Mile.  For that reason alone, I have to give Great Life a no.


  • YES – I would give this a “must buy” just because of  the ten new Matt Rankin songs, but I would also buy it because it’s a wonderful album with great singing by all of the members.

5 thoughts on “Great Life – Soul’d Out Quartet

  1. Steve, even though you gave this album a No, wouldn’t you image that there are plenty of Soul’d Out Quartet fans out there who snatch up any new albums that the group puts out, regards of the reviews? Or maybe I should say, without even reading any reviews? If so, I am sure this would apply to the fans of other groups as well.

    1. Whether there are fans who will buy any and all of an artist’s recordings is not the point of a review.

      The purpose of a review is twofold:
      1. to inform readers who aren’t familiar with the artist on what that artist’s music is like, and
      2. to assist music buyers who are more purposeful about how they spend their money than the fan who just blindly buys everything an artist releases regardless of whether it’s good or bad or somewhere in between.

      1. That makes sense. I have a number of albums that I purchased based on liking one or two songs. After listening to the whole album, I realized it wasn’t very good. Had I read a review of the album, I might have saved my money and not bought it. So keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. I wonder how many die hard SG fans will not give it a listen given the ultra casual outfits on the cover? They’ll judge the album by its cover!

  3. I would give this one a must buy. I purchased it at the recent Memphis Quartet Show, and I am loving it! I think it might just be the best album Soul’d Out has ever recorded!

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