Debut – Horn Family

hornfamily2014hornfamilyGRADE:  B+

  • Album – The Horn Family
  • Artist – Horn Family
  • Label – RayLynn Records
  • Style – Country
  • Release Date – 03/04/14
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes/Spotify)



This week seems to be the week of new music by new artists.  I became introduced to another new family; the Horn Family.  Heralding from Whitewood, Virginia, the Horn Family began singing in 2000.  An interesting read included the co-owners of the Texas Rangers (Bob & Janice Simson) becoming introduced and impressed with the Horn Family’s music that they signed them to their own record label (RayLynn Records).

Country artist/songwriter Mark Collie produced this debut effort from the Horn Family.  The group is country to the core in their style/presentation.  Growing up in a pentecostal church, the album is heavily influenced by the high energy sounds one could hear any Sunday morning.

The Horn Family’s sound is built around lead vocalist Joel Horn.  The vocals are rounded out by Joel’s wife Tina Horn, Joel’s brother Jamie Horn and Jamie’s wife Tracy Horn.


  • The group’s pentecostal heritage anchors this recording.  The stand out track is the song “Victory”.  This mid tempo country tune takes the ‘name it and claim it’ proclamation and conveys to the listener that Victory is theirs.  “Through The Name And The Blood Of Jesus, There Is Victory”!  By the time you get done listening to the song, you are believing victory is yours.  Love it!
  • Tina Horn takes the lead on another straight ahead country song; “Rise Above The Fall”.  This country ballad would do well at Southern Gospel radio.  Reminiscent of classic Crabb Family, the harmony on the song makes is all the more enjoyable.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the a cappella treatment given to the Southern Gospel classic, “The Lights Of Home”.  This was a great choice to close out the album.  It reminded me of some of the concerts I went to 20 to 25 years ago where a song could literally cause an auditorium to come unglued and begin shouting down the walls.
  • The stand out up tempo (straight ahead pentecostal) song found on this debut effort is Dottie Rambo’s “It’s All In Jesus”.  The Horn Family give the song a little McGruders treatment that make for an instant repeat.
  • It is great hearing so much original material recently.  The Horn Family helped contribute to this album along with producer Mark Collie.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Victory”, “Rise Above The Fall”, “The Lights Of Home”, “Love Like Rain”, “It’s All In Jesus” and “Peace Everlasting”.
  • The Horn Family’s country/pentecostal style will limit who is willing to give their music a chance.  I enjoy to hear artists who know who they are and don’t confirm to industry standards just to appease a certain fan base of the music.  Unfortunately, variety is not always applauded in most Southern Gospel circles.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Mary Magdalene (Why You Crying)”.



While the Horn Family’s style may not be every listener’s ‘cup of tea’, I thoroughly enjoyed this debut effort from the Horn Family; probably more than some of the mainstream artist recordings I have heard so far in 2014.  The album hearkened this listener back to my favorite era in Southern Gospel music (late ’80’s/early 90’s) and the ‘high energy’ family groups of that day (Freemans/McGruders/Perry Sisters/Reinhardts/Wilburns).  If this style is your ‘cup of tea’, I highly recommend picking up this debut album from the Horn Family!

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Peace Everlasting”/Joel – Ronnie Bowman, Mark Collie, Bob Simpson  2. “Love Like Rain“/Joel – Ronnie Bowman, Mark Collie, Janice Simson  3. “I’ve Got It”/Joel – Linda Gibson Johnson  4. “Rise Above The Fall”/Tina – Tracy Horn  5. “Victory”/Joel – Mark Collie, Joel Horn, Tina Horn, Leigh Reynolds  6. “He Called Me Brother”/Jamie – Ronnie Bowman, Mark Collie, Jamie Horn, Bob Simson  7. “Mary Magdalene (Why You Crying)”/Tina – Ronnie Bowman, Buddy Cannon, Marla Cannon, Melonie Cannon  8. “For The Life Of Me”/Joel – Ronnie Bowman, Mark Collie  9. “It’s All In Jesus”/Ensemble – Dottie Rambo  10. “Lights Of Home”/Ensemble – Ray Wafford


2 thoughts on “Debut – Horn Family

  1. Hey Steve!
    Awesome review of an awesome group. All four of these are my cousins (well of course Tina and Tracy by marriage lol) but Joel and Jamie are directly haha. – The church they grew up in was pastored by my Great uncle. Here in Southwestern VA we’ve known about the Horn Family for a long time, but now it’s time for the world to know who they are.

    Another little tidbit. The song “I’ve Got It” was written by another local hometown guy – Josh Bowman who is also doing big things with his ministry.

    1. Hmmm okay! LOL – awkward moment…well Josh has sang that song for years around here I always thought he wrote it. Oh well. Thanks for the songwriters credits. (:

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