Best Of 2013 – #1

BTAI want to thank our readers for indulging me and allowing me to bring my annual count down of the best Southern Gospel albums and recorded songs.  It is one of my favorite things to do all year.  It is now time to crown the #1 album and recorded song of 2013.

If you follow my album reviews and my graded ratings, it wouldn’t be hard to figure out that the album I crowned the best album released in Southern Gospel music in 2013 is Living In The Moment by Beyond The Ashes.  A little fun fact; the top five albums for 2013 were all released during the month of March.

From start to finish, Living In The Moment, was the most enjoyable Southern Gospel listen all year.  It is progressive Southern Gospel music at its finest.  Lead vocalist, Dustin Doyle, is also one of the best voices to come along in Southern Gospel music the last several years.  When I reviewed this album, I made the statement that Living In The Moment was an early contender for one of the top albums of the year.

That statement held as Living In The Moment by Beyond The Ashes is officially the #1 album released in Southern Gospel music for the year 2013!

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Living In The Moment”, “Over For Good”, “Oh The Thought That Jesus Loves Me”, “Peace In The Midst Of The Storm”, “Where The Gold Begins”, “No Sin Greater Than God’s Grace” and “Walking With My Eyes On Jesus”.


EnglishNow to crown the #1 recorded song in Southern Gospel music for the year 2013.  Michael English recorded one of the most personal, real songs all year with the Don Schlitz penned, “Stubborn”.

“Stubborn” was originally recorded by mainstream country artist Lee Ann Womack.  I was not familiar with the song until I heard Michael’s cut.  “Stubborn” is track #10 on Michael’s 2013 album, Some People Change.  The album was already named one of the top five albums of 2013.

Of all the songs I listened to in Southern Gospel music in 2013, “Stubborn” connected with me more than any other.  A writer couldn’t ask for anything more than a song they wrote connecting with a listener on a personal level.  Congratulations to Michael English for recording the #1 recorded song of 2013; “Stubborn”.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by sarahhutson5) of Michael English performing the #1 top recorded song of 2013, “Stubborn”.  Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Best Of 2013 – #1

  1. I agree about “Stubborn.” I know our small SG station here in Cincy has been playing the snot out of it, but I think that SG overall has really dropped the ball with this song (and the album overall). HIGHLY underrated!!!

    1. I agree with Kyle. Southern Gospel radio didn’t give this great song it’s due this year.

      I’ll post my year-end list tomorrow, and I’ll go ahead and say this song is on it. Did I put this song at number one, or did another song edge it out? Come back tomorrow and see!

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