Best Of 2013 – #2

SistersWe are one post away from crowning the top Southern Gospel album and recorded song of 2013.  Today, lets take a look at the runner-up in both categories.

Last year I claimed Sisters, An A Cappella Collection, album was one of the best a cappella albums ever recorded in Southern Gospel music.  In 2013, the trio follow it up with the album, Classics Collection.  This year I will make the claim that this may very well be the best album of previously recorded songs ever recorded in Southern Gospel music.

In an industry that relies on overly orchestrated tracks and layered stacks to create fullness to the music, Sisters bucks that trend and relies on their vocal ability.  The Classics Collection album is three voices and a piano (what a novel idea!).  Tim Parton’s piano work and arranging of this album should also be commended.

Readers shouldn’t be surprised that the writers here at Music Scribe named Sisters the best duo/trio in Southern Gospel music for 2013.  The sad truth is, how long will it take for the rest of the Southern Gospel industry to figure this out?

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me”, “Rise Again”, “Until He Comes”, “O Happy Day/Oh Happy Day”, “Just When I Need Him”, “New Shoes” and “Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome”.


wilburn2Runner up for best recorded song in Southern Gospel music for 2013 is another Lee Black co-write.  Lee, along with Jason Cox and Tony Wood penned the song ranked #2 among the best; “Here Comes Sunday”.

“Here Comes Sunday” is track #1 on Wilburn and Wilburn’s 2013 album of the same name, which was already named one of the top ten albums of 2013.  Jordan Wilburn takes the lead on this progressive Southern Gospel/modern country song that paints a picture of the resurrection.

Black/Cox/Wood paint the story as if it was happening today and brings the story of hope and resurrection to what listeners may be facing in their everyday lives.  I believe this type of story telling songwriting is the future of Southern Gospel music (at least I hope so).  There is so much depth to a song of this nature.

Here is a sound clip of Wilburn and Wilburn singing the #2 top recorded song of 2013, “Here Comes Sunday”.  Enjoy!


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