Best Of 2013 – #3

highroadIt is time to announce to the top three albums and recorded songs in Southern Gospel music for 2013.  This year can be considered the year of the female artist in Southern Gospel music with the album and recorded song ranked 3rd among the best.

Female trio High Road III is still new to many readers of this blog.  They not only sing, but also each play instruments to make for a live concert music experience.  The album ranked 3rd among the best of 2013 is The Road Less  Traveled.

The girls also played all the instruments on The Road Less Traveled.  This album was one of the most original albums I have heard in a long time.  They took songs that have been recorded before and made them sound original/fresh/inventive/artistic.  This was one of the best listening experiences I had all year.

At this point there is no need to not know High Road III.  Do yourself a favor and get this album!

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “High Road”, “By The Mark”, “There Is A Man”, “Hold Me To The Rock”, “How Deep The Father’s Love” and “Keep Your Lamps”.


highroadiiiThe stand out track from The Road Less Traveled is also ranked 3rd among the best songs recorded in Southern Gospel music this year.

“High Road” is an original tune penned by group members Sarah Davison and Anna Grace Kimbrough.  It is a theme song of sorts considering the name of the group.  The group’s acoustical, Appalachian sound create these haunting melodies that meld so well with the girls vocals.

“High Road” conveys the message of taking the high road in life.  While not always easy, it is the only way.

Here is a fan made YouTube video (published by Chris Wagler) of High Road III performing the #3 top recorded song of 2013, “High Road”.  Enjoy!




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