Best Of 2013 – #5

Jason CrabbJason Crabb dominates the #5 spot by claiming both the album and recorded song ranked 5th among the best in Southern Gospel music for 2013.  While many would argue the album is not even Southern Gospel in terms of style/song selection, I tend to have a broader definition of Southern Gospel music.

Love Is Stronger made its way to listeners back in March of 2013.  The album is an even mix of modern country, progressive Southern Gospel and pop sounds.  Jason had released singles to both Southern Gospel and CCM radio from Love Is Stronger.

The album garnered a top five hit in 2013 for Jason with the single “What The Blood Is For”.  Jason’s broad appeal has made him one of the most sought out artists in all of Christian music.

Jason even released a concept video (which is now in rotation on CMT) of his current radio single, “Love Is Stronger”.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “What The Blood Is For”, “Let Mercy Hold You”, “Love Wins”, “Give”, “Satisfied”, “God’s Up To Something” and “Morning”.


Jason Crabb 2The stand out track from Love Is Stronger also finds a place as the #5 top recorded song in Southern Gospel music in 2013.

“What The Blood Is For” is track #2 on Love Is Stronger and as already mentioned became a top five hit on Southern Gospel radio in 2013.  The power house tune came from the songwriting team of Ronnie Freeman and Tony Wood.

Jason gives the song his standard vocal treatment.  The song conveys the idea of failing and beating yourself up over the fact.  One only need to remember that is what the blood is for.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by of Jason Crabb performing the #5 top recorded song of 2013, “What The Blood Is For”.  Enjoy!




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