Best Of 2013 – #6

BowlingsWe’re getting ever closer to crowning the top Southern Gospel album and recorded song of 2013.  Today, let’s take a look at the album and song ranked 6th among the best of the year.

I named the Bowling Family’s last recording of new music, Shine, the #1 album released in 2010.  The 2013 release, Safe After The Storm, finds a home at #6 for this year.  The Bowling Family keep the mixed group sound of the 1970’s (think Hinsons/Happy Goodmans) alive while adding modern arrangements to make for a great concert experience.

Safe After The Storm is filled with eleven great songs; no filler on this recording.  When I reviewed the album, I mentioned Safe After The Storm was the best mixed group Southern Gospel album released in 2013.  That held true as it does become the highest ranked (6th) mixed group album of the year.

This is also the first Bowling Family recording to feature daughter Hope Bowling as a main vocalist for the group.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Victory’s Coming”, “Just What I Need”, “Somebody’s Believing”, “I’m Glad I’m Saved”, “I Know Enough”, “When All I Can Cry Is Holy” and “God Sent Angels”.


DevinI already named Devin McGlamery’s solo album, Love Is A Verb, one of the top ten albums released in 2013.  Today, the stand out track from that album lands at #6 among the best Southern Gospel recorded songs.

Track #4 on Love Is A Verb is that stand out track; “From My Rags To His Riches”.  Devin gets some help from Dailey and Vincent on the song.  The song was the first single from the album and Southern Gospel radio missed the ball on this song as it barely spent any time in the top forty in 2013.

The song is straight up Southern Gospel music.  Devin’s performance is memorable while the song itself is one the listener picks up quickly and is singing along.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by robyn blaikie collins) of Devin McGlamery performing the #6 top recorded song of 2013, “From My Rags To His Riches”.  Enjoy!


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