Best Of 2013 – #7

dmbThe best of 2013 is moving along a rapid pace as we’ve reached the album and recorded song ranked 7th among the best of the year.  A nice mix of traditional and progressive Southern Gospel music make up the #7 spot.

As reported yesterday, the Dixie Melody Boys had the highest ranked quartet song among the best recorded songs of 2013 with “Valley Of Tears”.  The album, Have You Heard, which contains the song is now the highest ranked Southern Gospel quartet album of 2013 sitting at #7 among the best released.

If you could only own one quartet album released in 2013, this is the one you should own.  Ed O’Neal consistently puts together strong quartet line-ups, but he outdid himself with the collection of singers found on Have You Heard.

I’m hoping this line-up gives Ed some stability and a reason for Southern Gospel quartet lovers to once again take notice of this group and start counting them among the best quartets.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Valley Of Tears”, “What Remains Of Me”, “When I Called His Name”, “That Story Is Mine”, “Haven Called Heaven”, “Muddy Water” and “Praise The Lord Hallelujah Amen”.


btaBeyond The Ashes has had a great 2013.  They are the only artist to land two songs among the top recorded songs of 2013.  “Living In The Moment” was ranked 17th, while another makes a home here at #7.

“Oh The Thought That Jesus Loves Me” is track #3 on the group’s 2013 album, Living In The Moment.  This song was originally recorded by the Collingsworth Family but never released as a single for the group.

Beyond The Ashes took the song and made it one of the best recorded songs of the year.  It was released as a single and became a top ten hit for the group earlier in the year.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by epworthconcerts) of Beyond The Ashes performing the #7 top recorded song of 2013, “Oh The Thought That Jesus Loves Me”.  Enjoy!




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