Best Of 2013 – #11

WisecarversIt is time to conclude the first half of my annual count down of the best Southern Gospel albums/recorded songs.  The artists to find a home at #11 for 2013 were both pleasant surprises.

I became introduced to the music of the Wisecarvers earlier this year with a song they had at radio titled, “Turn Back Time”.  As a result I decided to give their album, Journey, a listen.

I found myself playing this album a lot this year and when all was said and done, it easily found a place among the best albums released in Southern Gospel music this year.  The Wisecarvers are a family group with a country-style to their music.

The music of the Wisecarvers is anchored by lead vocalist Chase Wisecarver.  If you are looking for a new artist to introduce yourself, may I recommend the album Journey by the Wisecarvers.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Turn Back Time”, “Grace Tore The Veil”, “I Need You”, “One Prayer At A Time”, “Only Good To Me”, “Just Fine” and “In Jesus’ Name We Trust”.


Mountain FaithAnother pleasant surprise in the music I listened to in 2013 comes from bluegrass Gospel artist, Mountain Faith.  The group released their second album to Southern Gospel listeners this year in Battlefield.

Members of Mountain Faith penned many of the songs found on Battlefield.  Such is the case with the song ranked 11th among the best recorded songs of 2013; “I Will Praise Him”.  The song is track #4 on the new album.

Lead vocalist Summer McMahan penned the song in which she is also featured.  The message of praising God no matter the situation or storm in life is conveyed in “I Will Praise Him”.

Here is a fan made YouTube clip (published by JoyUnspeakable9) of Mountain Faith singing the #11 top recorded song of 2013, “I Will Praise Him”.  Enjoy!




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