Best Of 2013 – #13

KHSome may consider the #13 unlucky, but today the two artists that find a home at #13 among the best albums/recorded songs of 2013 are far from unlucky.

The Kingdom Heirs are back recording albums that compete with some of the best of their career.  Redeeming The Time is the 2013 album that finds a home among the twenty best released in Southern Gospel music this year.

Filled with Dianne Wilkinson compositions (as has been the case for the Kingdom Heirs over the last decade), Redeeming The Time has already given the group another #1 hit with “Just Beyond The Sunset”

The album also includes “I’ll Know I’m Home”, a song I ranked among the twenty best recorded songs of 2013.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “I’ll Know I’m Home”, “I Thank You”, “The Joys Of Heaven”, “Just Beyond The Sunset”, “The Borrowed Tomb” and “Expect The Unexpected”.


EHSSQuartets dominate the #13 spot among the best albums/recorded songs of 2013.  Ernie Haase and Signature Sound hold down the #13 spot with “That’s Why”.

Track #3 on their 2013 album, Glorious Day, “That’s Why” is a quartet ballad that features lead vocalist Devin McGlamery.  The song has the same feel as a former Signature Sound #1 hit, “Reason Enough”.

The song conveys the message of why Christ came and did what he did.  It was always for us and the song wraps up by claiming that is why we love Him.  The song was so good that Devin McGlamery recorded the song on his 2013 solo album, Love Is A Verb.

Here is a YouTube clip (published by Aaron Swain) of Signature Sound performing the second verse of the #13 top recorded song of 2013, “That’s Why”.  Enjoy!




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