Best Of 2013 – #16

KPNRThe best of 2013 rolls on today with the album/recorded song sitting at #16.  Consistency is the name of the game for the two artists finding a home at #16.

The model of consistency when it comes to recording albums is Karen Peck & New River.  If I looked back over the course of the group’s recording career, I would venture to say that KPNR had one of the twenty best albums in Southern Gospel music every year they had a new album released.

2013 is no exception with the release of Revival.  Karen has a knack for choosing the right songs to fit the group’s style.  Jeff Hawes is also at his vocal best on Revival.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Finish Well”, “You Did It Anyway”, “Dancing Like Lazarus”, “Oh, Hallelujah”, “Jesus Remember Me” and “Revival”.


KHThe Kingdom Heirs are finally back competing among the best of the year.  I felt the group’s two previous efforts didn’t match the caliber of recording I was used to hearing from the Kingdom Heirs.

That changed in 2013 with the release of Redeeming The Time.  The recorded song ranked 16th among the best of 2013 happens to be track #7 on Redeeming The Time; “I’ll Know I’m Home”.

Another strong Dianne Wilkinson co-write (with Jeff Crews), “I’ll Know I’m Home” hearkened this listener back to the big Arthur Rice feature I was used to hearing on a Kingdom Heir’s album.

Here is a sound clip of the Kingdom Heirs singing the #16 top recorded song of 2013, “I’ll Know I’m Home”.  Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Best Of 2013 – #16

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog pretty much everyday. Thanks for taking time to do it.

    Listening to this clip is a reminder of how great a singer Arthur Rice is.

    And this is yet another great Dianne Wilkinson song. And no one can bring off one of her songs like the Kingdom Heirs!

    Here’s a little sidebar on the musical clip you reference: On the demo I did for this song I originally meant to have the Lead, Baritone, and Tenor take turns singing the melody half way through the chorus on the lines “I’ll _____, I’ll _____, I’ll ____.” (I can’t recall the words at the moment, but think “Jesus Is Coming Soon,” on the chorus). They opted (probably wisely! :))to not go there. It’s better this way anyhow. Arthur brings more power to it.

    1. Terry, they do just that on only the last chorus (the bass does a line instead of the baritone). It is outstanding!

      I remember asking Mrs. Dianne specifically about that in an e-mail and she told me that was your idea.

    2. If memory serves, it’s “I’ll see (Arthur)…I’ll smell (Jerry Martin)…I’ll hear (Jeff Chapman)….I’ll taste (Arthur again).

      They also do this wonderful thing where they stagger all four singers coming in on the last note of the song. Kinda like a lot of people do live, but usually not in the studio.

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