Best Of 2013 – #18

CollingsworthMy annual count down of the best albums and recorded songs of 2013 continues today with the album/recorded song ranked 18th.  Traditional Southern Gospel music dominates the #18 spot.

The Collingsworth Family has the 18th best album of 2013 with, The Lord Is Good.  This is the second mainline release for the Collingsworth Family and Stow Town Records.  The Collingsworth Family are riding high these days claiming top mixed group of the year two years running at several different awards programs (including being named the best mixed group of 2013 by the writers here at Music Scribe).

While The Lord Is Good didn’t rank as high as the group’s previous effort, Part Of The Family, it has enough strong moments to make it one of the best Southern Gospel albums of 2013.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “How Great His Love For Me”, “Show A Little Bit Of Love And Kindness”, “If He Hung The Moon”, “My Debt Was Paid”, “God Is Moving” and “There Is Healing In His Hands”.


Old PathsBe looking for a special conversations feature tomorrow with industry songwriter Dianne Wilkinson.  Dianne happens to have the co-write (with Chris Binion) on the song I selected as the 18th best recorded Southern Gospel song of 2013; “Long Live The King”.

“Long Live The King” was recorded by the Old Paths and was track #10 on the group’s 2013 album, These Truths.  The song features lead singer Tim Rackley.

The song is a true quartet ballad (you’d expect nothing less from Dianne Wilkinson).  It is a triumphant message of Christ being the everlasting and it is a great closing song to the group’s album.

Here is a song clip of “Long Live the King” by the Old Paths, the #18 top recorded Southern Gospel song of 2013.  Enjoy!



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