Buzz Worthy – “But God”

steelesThis week begins a new series titled Buzz Worthy.  This series will look at things in Southern Gospel music that is causing buzz.  From week to week, it could look at albums, artists, industry folk, social media, songs, songwriters, TV shows, etc.

This first edition will take a look at a song that is currently causing buzz.  The Steeles burst on to the Southern Gospel scene in the mid 1990’s.  They garnered a half-dozen #1 songs during the course of their career.  The group stopped traveling full-time in 2005 when Jeff Steele accepted a pastor position in Alabama.

This year, Jeff wrote a new song titled “But God”.  It started with a multitude of ‘But God’ stories which he posted to his Facebook page.  The song was released to radio and is currently in the top ten on the Singing News chart.  Jeff also mentioned that the Steeles will be recording a new album, as the group has started doing select dates again.

Here is a YouTube video (published by Jeff Steele) of the song “But God” featuring some of the stories Jeff received.


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