Smack Down!! – Gold City – Round 2

It has been way too long for the smack down feature.  This week brings round 2 for Gold City.  In round 1, Walk The Talk beat out Windows Of Home.  Listen to sound bytes from each album and vote for the one you think should triumph.

  • Are You Ready - Gold CityAlbum – Are You Ready
  • Release Year – 2000
  • Vocal Line Up – Jay Parrack (tenor), Jonathan Wilburn (lead), Mark Trammell (baritone), Tim Riley (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “Since Jesus Touched Me” (2) “Keep Me On The Wheel” (3) “He Lives” (4) “More Like Jesus” (5) “Touch This Child Again” (6) “Get Up, Get Ready” (7) “God Will Provide” (8) “Livin’ Forgiven” (9) “Saved” (10) “Are You Ready”






  • Live - Gold CityAlbum – Live
  • Release Year – 1982
  • Vocal Line Up – Brian Free (tenor), Jerry Ritchie (lead), Ken Trussell (baritone), Tim Riley (bass)
  • Song List – (1) “What A Lovely Name” (2) “Angels Move Over” (3) “Victory Road” (4) “He’s The Rock I’m Leaning On” (5) “No Other Word For Grace But Amazing” (6) “What A Happy Time” (7) “Ain’t Good Good” (8) “I’m Going Home Someday” (9) “Ezekiel Saw The Wheel” (10) “In My Robe Of White”






4 thoughts on “Smack Down!! – Gold City – Round 2

  1. The Parrack/Wilburn/Trammell years are my favorite for Gold City, and while Are You Ready isn’t one of my top 3 or 4 albums from that period, it still easily beats out Live. “Are You Ready” is one of the best Second Coming songs I know, “Since Jesus Touched Me” is awesome, and “Get Up, Get Ready” is probably the most enduring song off of this recording.

    1. “Are You Ready” is special to me for a lot of reasons, but I will say that “Keep Me On the Wheel” is one of my favorite cuts of all time. Jonathan is amazing, the arrangement with the other guys singing “keep me, keep me” is, too, and I love the track. I have to listen to this song over and over…and would whether it was mine or not! I’ve loved every GC cut I ever had!

  2. This is super tough for me. These are my top two favorite Gold City albums of all time, and each for different reasons. I’ll have to ponder this one a while.

  3. Both of these would be near the bottom for me of GC recordings. If give Live a slight edge just because I thought Are You Ready was about (if not) their worst

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