Forgotten Hits: “I Found The Lily In My Valley”

quintonmills1992divinedesignmaxAs is the case with most individuals, Southern Gospel music begins for them at the time they start listening.  I have a firm belief that a majority of new listeners (who became associated with Southern Gospel in the last 5 to 10 years) don’t really care about what happened in Southern Gospel prior to their introduction.

This new series will try to shed light on some forgotten hits of Southern Gospel’s past.  These songs had impact at the time of their success, but have since been forgotten by today’s listening audience.

The first song in the series was a hit radio single in 1988.  Quinton Mills was a solo artist touring at a time when solo artists were few.  He had a powerful testimony of being pronounced dead after a fatal car accident but being brought back.  He would follow-up his powerful story with his signature song, “I Found The Lily In My Valley”.

The song was penned by Mills and was a huge radio hit in 1988.  If not for the huge success of Gold City’s “Midnight Cry”, “I Found The Lily In My Valley” would have been a #1 song.  Instead it settled at #2 for a couple of months.  The song went on the be #2 for the entire year.

Quinton recorded a live album in 1994 at the LJVM Coliseum in Winston-Salem NC in front of 12,000 people.  His performance of “I Found The Lily In My Valley” was one of the most powerful Southern Gospel live performances caught on video.  Here is a YouTube clip of that performance (published by QuintonMills).  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Forgotten Hits: “I Found The Lily In My Valley”

  1. Thanks for posting that, Steve! That was a powerful, God filled video of that live singing of his song! I rejoiced and praised God with them!! I have heard them play that very song on WEIS Radio, Centre, AL and never knew who it was. Thanks for sharing that with me. Is he still alive?
    I went to Hominy Valley for my first time, this last weekend. Candler, NC. It was a beautiful place and I enjoyed the singings on last Saturday and Sunday. The Primitive Quartet are at every singing, The Singing Cookes, Cooke Brothers, Mike Upright and the Spencers were there. It was a Glorious time both days. I got to do a lot of sight seeing, along the beautiful scenery views and tunnels of the mountains on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Some beautiful pictures I got of God’s work!!
    Keep up your good work! I enjoy your Blessings!!!
    Kay Hollon
    Cave Spring, GA

  2. One of my favorite songs and singers. He was/is an extremely talented singer. I loved his song “Through the Windows of My Soul”. Used to play it all the time back in my DJ days.

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