Most Influential – #3 – Hinsons

hinsonsThe top five most influential artists in Southern Gospel music continues this week with the artist ranked 3rd; the Hinsons.

The Hinson siblings began singing in their home state of California in 1967.  The siblings included Ronny, Yvonne, Kenny and Larry.  Calvary Records, also based in California, released the Hinsons first two albums in 1970.  Calvary Records would service the Hinsons their entire recording career.

In 1974, the first vocal personnel change would occur when sister Yvonne vacated and left the position for another California native, Chris Hawkins.  Those following Southern Gospel music in 2013 would know that young lady as Chris Freeman.

Not only were the Hinsons becoming one of the biggest Southern Gospel groups of the 1970’s/1980’s, but Ronny, Kenny and Larry were also writing some of the biggest Southern Gospel songs of the 1970’s.  Ronny penned one of Southern Gospel’s greatest songs in “The Lighthouse”.

The Hinsons energetic stage presence and country sound/style changed the landscape of Southern Gospel music.  No other mixed group in Southern Gospel music has influenced the sound that still permeates today in many Southern Gospel artists.  Kenny Hinson has been one of the most imitated lead singers, in the history of this genre, by many young singers.  

The Hinsons retired in 1988 and would return in 1992 to release one more album and do one final (short) tour before Kenny’s untimely passing in 1995.


  • hinsons1976liveandonstagemaxThe Hinsons picked up 12 Singing News fan awards during the course of their career, including favorite group in 1979.  The group also garnered four #1 hits, their biggest being “Call Me Gone”.  Kenny Hinson is currently the only member of the group to be inducted in to the Southern Gospel music hall of fame (2004).  The Hinsons were inducted in to the Gospel Music hall of fame in 2006.
  • The Hinsons energetic stage presence and country sound/style paved the way and influenced the following artists:  11th Hour, Austins Bridge, Back Home, Bishops, Bowling Family, Bradys, Browders, Cedar Ridge, Comptons, Crabb Family, Crawford Crossing, CrossWay, Days, Dunaways, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Freemans, Chris Hester, Hoskins Family, Kindlers, MaHarreys, McFalls, McGruders, McKameys, Mullins, New Hinsons, Karen Peck & New River, Paynes, Reinhardts, Rhythm Masters, Roy Knight Singers, Sons Family, Stubborn Love, Whisnants and Wisecarvers.
  • Hit Songs:  “Ain’t That What It’s All About”, “Burdens Are Lifted Away”, “Call Me Gone”, “Campmeeting Days”, “Come To The Water”, “God That Cannot Fail”, “God’s Gonna Do The Same For You And Me”, “Hallelujah Meetin”, “He Pilots My Ship”, “He Will Calm The Troubled Waters”, “Heaven Is Mine”, “Homesick To Go”, “House Of A King”, “I Begin To Feel The Fire”, “I Like The Promise”, “I Won’t Walk Without Jesus”, “I’ll Never Be Over The Hill”, “I’m So Glad He Found Me”, “The Journey”, “Joy Comes In The Morning”, “Let Me Tell You His Name Again”, “The Lighthouse”, “Little Store Front Church”, “Mercy Built A Bridge”, “Old Brush Arbor Days”, “Old Time Feeling”, “Original Superman”, “Put Me Down”, “Sea Walker”, “Shining In”, “Sing One More Song About Heaven”, “Soldier In The Army”, “Something Keeps Pulling Me Home”, “Soul Fillin Station”, “That I Could Still Go Free”, “There’s Gonna Be Some Changes Made”, “Till The Land”, “Too Many Times”, “Touch Of The Master’s Strong Hand”, “Two Winning Hands”, “Who Is On The Lord’s Side” and “You Can’t Hold Back The Dawning”.
  • Best Album:  From Out Of The West They Came, Live And On Stage (1976)


There are not many classic Hinson clips on YouTube that don’t have over 100,000 views.  So I am sure no matter what clip I chose, you will have already seen it.  I chose this clip of the Hinsons performing “Old Time Feeling” (published by Bobby Bowen) from PTL in 1987.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Most Influential – #3 – Hinsons

  1. The Hinsons were, no doubt, one of the most exciting groups to ever grace a stage. “On the Road” ranks as probably my all-time fav Hinson album and one of my all-time fav LIVE albums. Nobody did it LIVE better than the Hinsons!

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