2013 NQC – Saturday Night Recap

Photography by:  Jake HarshThe final notes of the 2013 National Quartet Convention have been sung.  I felt Saturday held a lot of powerful moments to close out the NQC’s run in Louisville.  So on this final recap, I will only be offering the highlights.

    • There were many memories talked about tonight from the twenty years the convention has been in Louisville.  There were two more big moments that were created tonight that will forever be etched in my memory.
    • The first was the out pouring of love the convention crowd showed Libbi and Tracy Stuffle.  The video message from Tracy made it all the more memorable.  Something those in attendance or viewing will not forget.
    • The second was the impromptu performance with Michael English, Dean Hopper, Kim Hopper and Roger Talley on piano.  The trio performed “Going Home”.  Michael mentioned his father’s passing.  This performance was one of the best of the entire week!
    • I thought several groups saved their best performances (sets) until closing night.  They included (in order of appearance), Tribute Quartet, Talleys, Kingdom Heirs, Mark Trammell Quartet and the Collingsworth Family.
    • The Voices of Lee brought Glee to the NQC.  Actually what they brought tonight was a thousand times better than anything you would ever see on Glee.
    • Can I petition now to give both High Road III and the Erwins full sets next year.  I have been impressed with the talents of High Road III since I first heard them two years ago.
    • I enjoyed the little shout out Tribute Quartet gave the Wilburns with their performance of “Outside The Gate”.  The Wilburns, when performing that song 20 years ago, would always finish up out in the crowd.
    • All in all, in has been a great close to 20 years in Louisville KY.  I remember attending the first in 1994 and all the memories I have taken home over the course of the many years I attended in Louisville.


Favorite NQC (Louisville) Memories (no particular order):

  1. In 1994, witnessing Kenny Hinson’s last performance on the main stage when the Hoppers called the Hinsons up during their set to sing “The Lighthouse”
  2. Seeing an NQC crowd (in 1995) stand to its feet in thunderous applause when JD Sumner was performing “God Still Lives In This Old House” and JD not being able to continue the song because he was in tears.
  3. Being in attendance (1999) when Glen Payne called in from his hospital bed and sang “I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone”.
  4. Seeing nearly 20,000 come unglued and all standing when “Shouting Time” by the Hoppers was at the height of its popularity in 1998/1999.  It was a sight to behold.
  5. Being there for the retirements of the Speer Family and the Florida Boys.
  6. In 1994, hearing the opening notes of “I Hold A Clear Title” and then see Howard and Vestal Goodman with Johnny Minnick walking down the aisle to the stage singing.
  7. Seeing the Ruppes turn an awards show (in 1997) in to a worship service when they performed their nominated song that year, “Under His Wings”.
  8. Seeing crowds come unglued when certain songs at the height of their popularity were performed.  Some of those include:  “Blind Man Saw It All” (Booth Brothers), “Four Days Late” (Karen Peck & New River), “I Am Redeemed” (Poet Voices), “My Name Is Lazarus” (Greater Vision), “Please Forgive Me” (Crabb Family) and so many more.
  9. Having the chance to see some of my heroes either for the first time or the last time before their passing:  Wendy Bagwell, Howard Goodman, Jim Hamill, Kenny Hinson, Glen Payne and JD Sumner.


**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “That Very Moment” – Erwins  (2) “Adam’s Fall” – 11th Hour  (3) “All Is Well” – Whisnants  (4) “Ain’t Got Time To Doubt” – Penny Loafers  (5) “I Wonder What They’re Doing Now” – Primitives  (6) “Outside The Gate” – Tribute Quartet  (7) “Keep Your Lamps” – High Road III  (8) “Thinkin’ About Home” – Talleys  (9) “Going Home” – Michael English, Dean and Kim Hopper  (8) “I Will Rise” – Voices Of Lee  (8) “Too Much To Gain To Lose” – Mark Trammell Quartet  (9) “If You Knew Him” – Perrys  (8) “Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary” – Collingsworth Family

Best Set of the Night:  After the emotions experienced following the Perrys set, the Collingsworth came out and kept that flowing with three slower style, but powerful songs that had me shouting before they were done.  In a great close to the week, I’ll give it to the Collingsworth Family.



2 thoughts on “2013 NQC – Saturday Night Recap

  1. Man, Steve…….Would I have LOVED to have been there that last night!! OR any might! I wasn’t there any nights, but I wish I could have been. Couldn’t afford to. Steve, you brought tears to my eyes, just reading how exciting you made it come to life, of praising the Lord!! I LOVE those places like that! Sure hate I missed it ALL! Is the picture at the top, the Collingsworth Family? Thanks for the Post of NQC 2013!
    God Bless You!!!
    Kay Hollon
    Cave Spring, GA

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