2013 NQC – Tuesday Night Recap

dmbTuesday night of the 2013 National Quartet Convention is now in the record books.  Here are the nights hits and misses.

  • The courage Libbi Stuffle displayed to even be in attendance was heart-felt.  Prayers continue for Tracy.
  • Several quartets displayed some strong singing tonight.  They included the Dixie Melody Boys, Gold City, Legacy Five and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.
  • The respect I have for Ed O’Neal could fill volumes.  He was the first quartet man I remember as a youngster and I am glad he is still singing.  Great job on “What Remains Of Me”.
  • It was refreshing to hear some more live music tonight during the Inspirations set.  I sure miss hearing the steel guitar in Southern Gospel music.
  • Jason Crabb continues to prove he is one of the best artists touring right now.  Enjoyed “What The Blood Is For”.
  • The Penny Loafers pulled off two more great a cappella features during their segment.

  • There continued to be problems with the webcast cutting out.  I think tonight was due to certain high volume log-in times because the down times centered around certain artists.
  • The Cathedrals remembered segment will be remembered, but not for the performance.  For Mark Trammell to not even know the words to the song is something that happens to every artist, but you think they would have at least rehearsed it before the performance.
  • The showcase artists that performed on the main stage tonight were forgettable.  The one even sang a Perrys song knowing the Perrys were to perform later in the evening.
  • Performances that seemed to fall flat (at least from viewing it via webcam), in order of appearance are as follows:  McKameys (“I Sing A Song”), Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (“Oh What A Savior”), the Cathedral remembered segment, Lore Family (“If You Knew Him”) and Kingdom Heirs (“Just Beyond The Sunset).


**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “When He Speaks” – McKameys  (2) “It’s In The Savior’s Hands” – Inspirations  (3) “Shut The Door” – Penny Loafers  (4) “Valley Of Tears” – Dixe Melody Boys  (5) “Everywhere I Go” – Legacy Five  (6) “Scars In The Hands Of Jesus” – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound  (7) “Calvary  Conquers It All” – Gold City  (8) “What The Blood Is For” – Jason Crabb  (9) “When He Spoke” – Perrys  (10) “Move The Stone” – Whisnants  (11) “Anything Is Possible” – Brian Free & Assurance

Best Set of the Night:  I went back and forth on this one.  There were some really strong single song performances but no full set that just wowed me.  I really enjoyed the new music performed by the Dixie Melody Boys, so I will give them set of the night.

2 thoughts on “2013 NQC – Tuesday Night Recap

  1. I heard most of the evening groups today, and again, it was a very professionally produced program by and large.

    Highlights for me were sets by the Kingdom Heirs, Talleys, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and Legacy V, but again, almost all of the groups did a great job tonight. There was a lot of variety.

    What should have been a highlight didn’t go over so great. The participants in the upcoming Cathedrals Family Reunion event attempted to give us a taste of it by singing one new song, but they hadn’t practiced and didn’t know the words. Still, they sold the ending and it was enough to see that it will be a good event in November.

    Clarke Beasley is speaking briefly each night about the 2014 venue change. He got a good bit of applause when he mentioned that parking at the venue in Pigeon Forge will be free. Everyone who had just paid $8 to park in Louisville was glad to hear that information.

    He did confuse me about one thing, though. He said a false rumor was going around that some of the exhibit space may be across the street at another building in 2014. He wanted everyone to know that the booths would all be in the same building. He specifically stated that no booths would be in any other building “across the street.”

    The funny thing is that NQC has actually published that information on their own website. They started the rumor themselves. See: http://natqc.com/frequently-asked-questions-2014/
    “Will the Exhibit Hall be in the same building as the evening concerts?
    Yes. The exhibits will be located in the Leconte Center. There may also be some displays in the Grand Convention Center as well.”

    Back to tonight…
    I enjoyed speaking with Shannon Smith, Danny Jones, Sherri & Tyler Vestal, my friends the Griffins, Channing Eleton, Jodi Hosterman, Lynn from Lynn’s Chronicles (sorry, I don’t know her last name) and way too many more to mention.

    There was more activity in the Exhibit Hall tonight. A few more artists had arrived and it looked like more fans were browsing the aisles even after the main concert started..at least in the 6:30-7:30 PM range when I was out there.

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