Love Loud – Browns

browns2013loveloudGRADE:  B

  • Album – Love Loud
  • Artist – Browns
  • Label – Stow Town Records
  • Style – Progressive
  • Release Date – 08/27/13
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes, Rhapsody)



The second Southern Gospel album released August 27th, 2013 is the Browns; Love Loud.  This is the first album by the Browns to be released under Ernie Haase’s Stow Town Records label.  The listener immediately hears the production quality Stow Town records provides on the opening notes of the album.

The Browns have released the best sounding recording of their career with Love Loud.  They branch out stylistically and give listeners a progressive Southern Gospel sound mixed with some light pop overtones.


  • Love Loud really highlights the youthfulness of the group.  Considering the three Brown siblings are under the age of 25, it is nice to hear the direction they took this album.
  • Adam’s highlights include the first single, “Rock And Redeemer” and the country sounding “River In The Rain”.  “Rock And Redeemer” is an infectious tune that you will be singing long after the song ends.
  • Michaela shines on the title/opening track “Love Loud”.  This progressive Southern Gospel song would make a strong radio single choice.  Also listen to Michaela’s feature of “Everything Changes”.  This song is pulled from the playbook of the progressive Southern Gospel kings, Brian Free and Assurance.
  • Andrew is a kid no more.  If you followed the Browns for any length of time, you know Andrew used to be featured on novelty type songs because of his age.  On Love Loud, he takes the lead on “Street Of God”, which is different from anything the Browns have recorded.  This pop tune is a must listen.  Andrew also has a nice lead on “This I Know”.
  • The album closes with the kids doing an instrumental on the violins.  Long time listeners of the Browns should enjoy this selection.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Rock And Redeemer”, “Love Loud”, “Street Of Gold”, “Everything Changes”, “River In The Rain”, “This I Know” and “The Water Is Calling”.
  • The Browns record a kids song on Love Loud titled “A Place In The Choir”.  While kids may find the song fun when performed in concert, I thought the song came off as cheesy.
  • Don’t let the styles utilized on Love Loud scare you away.
  • Is it hard to provide songwriter credits for individuals who receive digital music copies?  I have stated before, every artist should have songwriter credits on their website along side each album.  The lack of respect for songwriters in this industry is a huge pet peeve of mine.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “A Place In The Choir” and “Fishers Of Men”.



The Brown siblings have grown up in front of Southern Gospel listening audiences.  Love Loud is the first approach for the Browns to show how far they’ve come while still maintaining a youthful sound to the record.  Love Loud is definitely the best sounding album the group has released to date.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Love Loud”/Michaela – ??  2. “Rock And Redeemer“/Adam – Wayne Haun  3. “The One Who Still Works Miracles”/Shelly – ??  4. “The Captain’s Got It Under Control”/Michaela – ??  5. “Street Of Gold”/Andrew – Adam Brown, Joseph Habedank, Wayne Haun  6. “Everything Changes”/Michaela – ??  7. “A Place In The Choir”/Adam; Andrew – ??  8. “The Water Is Calling”/Adam; Michaela – Marcy Each, Lyn Rowell  9. “Fishers Of Men”/Andrew – ??  10. “River In The Rain”/Adam – Jim Brady, Barry Weeks, Tony Wood  11. “This I Know”/Andrew – Wayne Haun, Sue C Smith  12. “All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name/Crown Him With Many Crowns”/Instrumental – Edward Perronet, Traditional 


3 thoughts on “Love Loud – Browns

    1. Thanks. I am going to be even more diligent at calling artists out in the future when it comes to songwriter credits. There is no reason why listeners/readers shouldn’t know who wrote each song on an album.

  1. I agree with the kids song. They performed it this week at NQC and it was nothing but a mess. They were working hard to sell the song. Just don’t think it was accepted by the audience. Main stage, NQC, is not the place.

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