NQC Or Bust – Revisiting 1994

1994 NQCThe National Quartet Convention gets underway with its free concert on Sunday (09/08/13) and then will run all week through Saturday (09/14/13).  As many readers are aware, this is the final year the NQC will be held in Louisville, KY.  2014 will kick off its inaugural year in Pigeon Forge, TN.

1994 NQC Schedule 01As the NQC wraps up 20 years in Louisville, I thought I would take this time to take a look back at the first NQC in Louisville; 1994.  I had the privilege of attending the NQC for 16 consecutive years between the years 1993 and 2008.

That allowed me to see the final event in Nashville TN (1993) and the first in Louisville (1994).  I also happen to still have every NQC program book of the 16 years I attended.  So, let me pull out the 1994 program book and share a little of the first year in Louisville.

  • The program book was only $1
  • The Gaither ad had the line-up of Jonathan Pierce, Buddy Mullins, Mark Lowry and Gaither.
  • 1994 NQC Schedule 02The record companies would actually host showcases to feature their artists instead of the NQC running the showcases.
  • KingsGold III was releasing during NQC week.
  • The Greenes asked for you to come by the booth and meet newest member, Milena Parks.
  • Chapel Music hosted a volleyball tournament.
  • Walt Mills and David Ring hosted Christian motivation seminars.
  • The only non-record company showcase was the pianorama concert on Saturday.
  • Looking over the evening concert line-up, one can see how many groups are no longer in existence in 2013.
  • Monday night opened with an all quartet night, while Tuesday was all mixed/family groups.

1994 NQC SN Fan Awards


**Please click on the thumbnails I have provided of the evening concert line-up and the 1994 Singing News fan award nominees.  You can also provide your favorite NQC memories in the comments section.


3 thoughts on “NQC Or Bust – Revisiting 1994

  1. Wow. A McKameys song that I have never heard of beat out The Cathedrals’ “Jesus Saves” as Song of the Year? Interesting…

    1. Chris, “Arise” was a huge song that year. It spent four months at #1. This was an era where radio success actually mattered.

  2. Oh i remember it well. My first year ever to an NQC. I took a tour bus from Cleveland, Ohio to Louisville, KY. Had so much fun!!! That was probably my favorite year of all. Got lots of good pictures of all my Gospel heroes. Our group stayed at the Galt House down at the river in downtown Louisville. Such great memories.

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