Most Influential – #7 – Hoppers

hoppersmaxThe top ten most influential artists in Southern Gospel music continues this week with the artist ranked 7th; the Hoppers.

Outside of the Speer Family (that celebrated 75 consecutive years in Southern Gospel music), the Hoppers is the longest running family group in Southern Gospel history (celebrating 56 consecutive years).

The Hopper Brothers started singing in 1957.  Connie would join in 1958 as the group’s piano player and the group became known as the Hopper Brothers and Connie.  Claude and Connie would marry in 1961 and the group would release their first album in 1962.

The first non-family member (Rex Foster) became a part of the group in the late 1960’s.  Steve Hopper (lead singer) would exit the group when they decided to go on the road full-time in 1970.  The early 1970’s also saw the exit of brother Monroe Hopper (bass singer).  Noted members of the Hoppers in the 1970’s included Lee Chilton, Barry McGee, Johnny Parrazzo, Debra Talley, Kirk Talley and Roger Talley

By 1982, the Hopper Brothers and Connie shortened their name to the Hoppers.  Brother Will (tenor singer) and Roger and Debra Talley left in the early’s ’80’s.  As a result Greg Bentley, Shannon Childress, Stephanie Hopper and Sharon Watts became a part of the Hopper legacy in the 1980’s.

By 1990 Dean had married Kim Greene who had joined the group and gave the group the vocal configuration they still enjoy today (23 years later).  This version of the Hoppers have become one of the premier artists touring in Southern Gospel music right now.  The success of songs “Jerusalem” and “Shouting Time” generated influence that will be felt in Southern Gospel music for years to come.


  • hoppers2000powermaxThe Hoppers are one of the most successful family groups in the history of the Singing News fan awards.  Collectively the group has won a total of 47 fan awards including favorite mixed group 11 times.  The Hoppers have also been inducted in to the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Connie became an inductee in to the Southern Gospel music hall of fame in 2010.
  • The Hoppers are still shaping influence in Southern Gospel music.  If we were to look back on this topic in 10 years, the Hoppers will undoubtedly be ranked higher.  Artists that have already been influenced by their music include:  Beene Family, Bradys, Browns, Cedar Ridge, Collingsworth Family, Crist Family, Dills, Greenes, Johnson Edition, Sneed Family, Taylors and Thurstons.
  • Hit Songs:  “Already Mine”, “Anchor To The Power Of The Cross”, “Blame It On Love”, “But For The Blood”, “Citizen Of Two Worlds”, “Come To The Wedding”, “Count Me In”, “Cross Now Is Empty”, “Cross Was His Own”, “Don’t Give Up The Fight”, “Follow Jesus”, “Foot Of The Cross”, “Forever Settled”, “From Disgrace To His Grace”, “Go Ask”, “God Is Good”, “God Raised The Ransom”, “Heavenly Honey”, “He Didn’t Just Carry The Cross”, “Heavenly Sunrise”, “Here I Am”, “He’s Still God”, “He’s Still In Business”, “Home Is Where The Heart Is”, “I Am”, “I Wonder What They’re Thinking Now”, “I’ve Come Too Far”, “Jerusalem”, “King’s Highway”, “Lord Don’t Move That Mountain”, “Marriage Supper Of The Lamb”, “Mention My Name”, “Milk And Honey”, “One More Time”, “Pure Mercy”, “Smoke Of The Battle”, “She Cries”, “Shouting Time”, “Something’s Happening”, “Stand For Jesus”, “Step Along”, “Stepping On The Clouds”, “That’s Him”, “There’s Something Going On”, “Think On The Good Things”, “Victory Shall Be Mine”, “Walk Right Out Of This Valley”, “When He Comes Down”, “Where The Good Things Are”, “Yes I Am”, “You Gotta Live Like Jesus”, “You’ll Be There” and “You’re Home To Stay”.
  • Best Album:  Power (2000)


Here is a YouTube clip, from our very own MusicScribeBlog channel, of the Hoppers performing one of the greatest songs of their career; “That’s Him”.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Most Influential – #7 – Hoppers

  1. Not to be nitpicky haha..but, you left of “Yahweh” LOL =P I read the list and was like oh my gosh where is Yahweh (haha now I laugh at this statement oh well, posting anyway)

    1. Now that you say that I seemed to have overlooked every hit from ‘The Ride’.

      “The Dove”
      “Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin”
      “He Erased It”
      “I’m Just Waiting For My Ride”

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